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Container of Compassion Project

More about the International Container of Compassion Project in Spring 2019. If you are a sound yogi please give us your location and type sound work you do. Highest Regards, 

Fair Trade Family Owned

Tibetan Tones made by Family owned Fair Trade craftsmen in N. India. 

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  • "The Sound Therapy Program was a Godsend and was much needed on that day. The sounds were very soothing to me on what had turned out to be a very stressful day. Prior to the session, I felt I would have to go home early because I felt like a bundle of raw nerves from the day's events. After the session, I felt my peace and composure had been restored enough to complete my workday. This activity is a sorely needed service. I think it would promote a more joyful productive workplace and would be well attended." 


    Theresa,MSOM, RN

  • "Absolutely AWESOME!."


    Sylvia. NY

  • "The training was an amazing experience. My clients love the Tibetan Tones treatments Thank you."

    Ron Van Beek, LMT

  • "What an absolutely wonderful experience. I found the treatment to be absolutely entrancing and could not believe how quickly the hour went by. I hope to receive this on a regular basis." 

    Denise. NY.

  •  I recommend this giant bowl for everyone. 20 minutes a day with the Tibetan Tones Method changed my life.

    Mary D. Manhasset, NY

  • "I left our session feeling grounded, physically relaxed and mentally calm and open.
    I slept very well last night- which is rare for me- and woke up feeling alert instead of anxious. "

    Leigh, NYC

  • Elaine"s  passion for Tibetan Tones Therapy  rang true through the whole training session. She took a hands on approach to teaching which allowed me to really practice and experience the benefits of the Tibetan Tones as well as perform a sound concert. I highly recommend taking this course if you have the opportunity. It was excellent!  

    Marie C. Yoga instructor