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  • "The Sound Therapy Program was a Godsend and was much needed on that day. The sounds were very soothing to me on what had turned out to be a very stressful day. Prior to the session, I felt I would have to go home early because I felt like a bundle of raw nerves from the day's events. After the session, I felt my peace and composure had been restored enough to complete my workday. This activity is a sorely needed service. I think it would promote a more joyful productive workplace and would be well attended." 


    Theresa,MSOM, RN

  • "Absolutely AWESOME!."


    Sylvia. NY

  • "The training was an amazing experience. My clients love the Tibetan Tones treatments Thank you."

    Ron Van Beek, LMT

  • "What an absolutely wonderful experience. I found the treatment to be absolutely entrancing and could not believe how quickly the hour went by. I hope to receive this on a regular basis." 

    Denise. NY.

  •  I recommend this giant bowl for everyone. 20 minutes a day with the Tibetan Tones Method changed my life.

    Mary D. Manhasset, NY

  • "I left our session feeling grounded, physically relaxed and mentally calm and open.
    I slept very well last night- which is rare for me- and woke up feeling alert instead of anxious. "

    Leigh, NYC

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