Shaolin Temple Qi Gong

Tuesday to Friday  6PM to 7PM

Guolin Shifu

Master Guolin was born into a Buddhist, martial arts family in Henan, China and has a strong heritage of Shaolin Kung Fu from his mother's side. At age seven, he began his martial art training with his family. His grandfather would be one of his earliest and biggest influences. At age 15, he dedicated himself to Buddhism. One year later, Shifu left for Shaolin Temple, a pilgrimage he made by walking over 300 miles across China.

At Shaolin Temple, he spent all his time practicing martial arts and Chan Buddhism. He was director of research where he collected China's vast traditions and philosophies such as Five Elements theory, traditional Chinese medicine, Taoism, Confucianism and more. Shifu was recognized for his familiarity in many aspects of Chinese culture as well as the ability to combine the applications of Chan Buddhism and martial arts. He was named a Transmission Disciple in 1985 of Venerable Shi Yongxin who was in 2000 inaugurated as the 30th abbot of Shaolin Temple. This made him the abbot's successor of the 34th generation of the Shaolin tradition.


In 1988, Shifu was one of the first Shaolin monks to teach at the Shaolin Wushu Guan, the world's biggest martial arts training facility. It was opened by the Chinese government to spread Shaolin Kung Fu and help finance  the restoration and preservation of the Shaolin Temple and its traditions. From 1989-1991, Shifu won the highest award at China's National Shaolin Kungfu Festival.  He earned the title "Iron Arhat" (for his advanced iron shirt qigong skill) and "Shaolin Hero" (attributed only to Shaolin's highest level). During this time, Shifu went on demonstration trips to Japan and Thailand, but always wanted to stay close to Shaolin Temple.

In 1992, Shifu lead a demonstration team to the U.S. to introduce Shaolin Kung Fu.  In 1995, he founded the Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters in Flushing, NY. Fascinated by the diversities of culture and religion in the United States, Shifu believes that Shaolin heritage can benefit everyone. In September of 2013, he began teaching at the new Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters in East Northport (Long Island) New York.

Today, no longer a monk, Shifu Guolin continues as a secular disciple to share Shaolin traditional culture by providing the unique Unity of Chan and Body way of teaching. That is, strengthening both the physical body and focused mind as one. All are welcome to experience Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong.