Become a Tibetan Tones Sound Yoga

Our experienced consultants will train you in the use of all sound instruments and help you choose them correctly for your desired effect and budget. Filling a room with multi-harmonic tones can easily be over done or under done. We represent the finest manufacturers of sound yoga instruments and have a full understanding of how to get a predictable outcome for various style classes. Training is key and the right set up. It takes less equipment then most realize.



Yoga / Fitness / Wellness / Gym studio owners looking to make the next big leap into the void….It’s all about SOUND VIBRATION and Shamanic Wave Tones.

Become a Tibetan Tones supplied Sound Yogi Studio with minimal investment. We will train your staff. It’s a whole new world in yoga / fitness / wellness & Gym Studio. Step up and into this next level of healing for your students& Clients.

This is the most all inclusive brand of yoga / fitness / wellbeing in the world today. 

The New Fitness Trend enveloping the World – Vibro Acoustic Fitness The Transformation is here – Prescribe the New Yoga of Sound.  

Products:  Tibetan Tones®️singing bowls are the brand of excellence in singing bowls around the world. No junk metals. Made in Fair Trade Family business in Nepal and India


In USA call 917 748 6600. or  email

Minimum Required Space – 400 Sqft  area
Packages vary according to the size of your space and type of clientele. A variety of classes to offer your clients and also private sessions.

 Includes Training of 2 Staff & Complete Set of Sound Studio Instruments like Worlds Best Therapy Series / Concert Galatic Series / Chakra Series (Small and Large) HangOn Chakra Series / Wind & Tam Tam Gongs / Bells &Tingchas / Salt Lamps etc. Lighting, Special mats designed by Angelheart.