A Tibetan Tones CORE Module Vibrational Sound Training / also on line

Sonic Wellness Institute 

Sonic Wellness Institute singing bowl sound therapies


        Tibetan Tones Vibrational Sound CORE Module

  • There is no prerequisite for this training. If you would like to spend 2 days of focused practice on power of sound therapy with Tibetan Tones singing bowls and gongs and how we use them in various different exercises.
  • EMAIL tibetantones@gmail.com
  • A class for massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Teachers, Yoga teachers and anyone  who would like to learn the powerful dynamics of sound in our lives.

ON LINE CLASS AVAILABLE NOW since COVID - email for info 

Elaine Mackle, Vibrational Sound Specialist, Director Sonic Wellness Institute, 

Call for trainings in your area.

covid private training  

Open date  to finish start 10am finish 5 pm


Class instruction includes:

Thorough instruction of how to use the long sustaining vibrational system.

Hands on partner workshop for the best introduction to have confidence in giving a session.

The proper use of Gigantic singing bowls. 

What MERIDIAN theory is about.

Relexology with sound

CONTRA INDICATIONS to direct contact..

*How to access a client for a sound therapy session in a professional manner. How to create the right environment for sound therapy. 

*How to use the specifically designed mallets for this type work with bowls on the body sound massage.

*Choosing the right bowl for application. Common mistakes people make.

*Partner practice and demonstration in the proper use of each bowl, various striking techniques.

*Contra indications for various conditions and certain types of techniques. 

*Timing of session and evaluating the prescribed course of treatments per client.

*How to work with elderly and various type clients.

*How to do Chair sound massage.

*The power of self Tonification. Harmonizing and creating the sound spectrum. 

*Singing bowls in particular create entrainment effect on brain through binaural beats..

*Practitioners are taught in how to induce the theta brain wave state with only 3 specific singing bowls and one small awakener bowl.  

How professionals use  Tibetan Tones singing bowls with acupuncture. Chiropractic, PT. In a dental office, in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy.

How neurological functions react to Singing bowls.

 *Tibetan Tones instruction booklet and other notes on sound will be sent via pdf email for further study. 




About TibetanTones Singing Bowls:  The finest spa grade therapy grade singing bowls . The most effective bowls for on the body sound massage. 

INSTRUCTION BOOKLET  and all written materials. 

 call if you have questions. Email tibetantones@gmail.com / 917 748 6600

All students will be required to submit 15 hours of hands on treatments with reviews from their friends and family before charging clients and all must own the Tibetan Tones 5 bowl pro set which is designed to do the Tibetan Tones vibrational sound therapy. 


Tibetan Tones spa grade set that never fails in treatment always getting the best results when used by skilled practitioners.

LG. Deep Resonator 525.00
Size: 11.5” x 4.5”
Weight: 2080 gr.

Med. Deep Resonator $235.00
Size 8.5”x 3.5”
Weight: 980gr.

Upper Body Chest Bowl $340.
Size: 8.8” x 3.5”
Weight: 1350

Small bowl 6”x 3.35       $149.

Awakener $59.00.
Size 3.5”


Total  $1238.00

Class $450.00 includes book

Total $1758.00 

Covid price  $1400.

zephyr chimesFree $54. Zaphyr chime


No Refunds after book is recieved.

cancelation prior to class is refunded in credit for bowls. 

Student must submit 15 practice sessions on friends and family before charging. 

Any questions please email TibetanTones@gmail.com or just call 917 748 6600

class at your studio or various locations in NY and ON LINE



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