Family Harmonics Sound Meditation Series.

The transition of Core Vibration within family.

Sonic Wellness Institute - therapists and teachers will come to your home or venue. Sign up for a trial session or a series of weekly or monthly sessions for your family. Couples programs available also. 
Discount on singing bowl purchases for SWI members.

The Next Wave Era is now upon us. All old ways have vanished, opening us up to the next level of consciousness. Understanding ourselves by design through vibration is the new intelligence.  

Unique series of seeing our lives, family and homes through the lens of frequency.

Harmonics of Scent and Sound are being activated to the next chord. 

Core Vibration dictates the state of our well being. Harmonic rehabilitation is vital to the transition into the  Next Wave.   Reconnecting to the rhythms of life.

Preparing for the new souls being born and the next wave for us all.

The New  Family Vibe  

Series 1 covers: For a group of Mothers Intro program or for your family session.

 Practical hands on experience of authentic Tibetan Tones High grade singing bowls.



  • How vibration works on body - mind - spirit
  • The energetic properties of bronze bell metal 
  • Nada - listening - receiving - transmitting
  • Dream state - Meditation 

The Tibetan Tones Family Vibe  Series 2 covers:  Tailored to your individual family


  • Family rhythms -inherited MIASM
  • Understanding our children as the new wave of consciousness
  • How entrainment works on body, brain and spirit 
  • Creating the Core family practice
  • Peace in my belly exercise.
  • Tai Tone movement series
  • The family mandala 

    This course is a very unique opportunity to focus on our harmonizing the family energetics and raising the vibration as a whole.

    Tibetan Tones Therapeutics is here  Awaken to your own true perfect nature. In being a Next Wave Family we are dedicated to new methods of cultivating an atmosphere thriving with love - gratitude- acceptance and humor.   

    A powerful program for all age groups  and generations.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Email for info & registration form, 

    Sessions are tailored to your family.  We are flexible to your schedule and needs. 

    Ask about all our programs to guide you Harmonic re designing of your home. 

    • Zazen Living is a program to set up your home temple.
    • 5 Element theory, Feng Shui
    • VASTU- India science of Sacred Geometric angels of construction.
    • EMF program to clear your home and  design you own Cosmic Matrix.