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Friends, The REVERBERATIONS of the Next Wave are upon us.  Now is the time for setting the tone together in love and harmony with all of Life. 

       " Awakening to our own true perfect nature, as we experience the wonders of existence in becoming one with the rhythms of the universe.  Maintaining ritual into our daily lives, brings a sense of oneness.  Let no one be left behind."

Only Is Love ,🙏


      "Sunjin, Deva Sruti"  Founder and Visionary of the Sonic Wellness Institute./2016


 Sonic Wellness Institute , where programs feed the Body, Mind and Soul of the entire family. What began as an incubator project, a vision for the Next Wave Generation. The culmination of 40 years living in  chronic disease which turned into a much deeper quest for Self Realization. Sunjin  built the Sonic Wellness Institute in a vision to provide new approaches to families of the new millennium living on the spectrum. An endeavor to end the repetitive cycle of hereditary and environmental disease by offering programs in  the basic forms of  esoteric healing.; frequency medicine and the practice of daily rituals. Her own personal experience in traveling, working and practicing with physicians, teachers and clients since 1982 is the foundation for all courses and treatments designed by Sunjin at SWI. An avid practitioner of frequency medicine, utilizing herbal, formulas, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Shaolin Martial Arts, Ayurvedic principles , multiple forms off sound  therapy, 5 Element theory, Polarity , Bikram yoga, the Heart of Sufi program. Everything at SWI is based on the science of vibration,  the mind of  Zen and the freedom living in the cave of the Heart.  Since  2022, the SWI is offering  on line courses. Mentorship programs with Sunjin, Deva Sruti are 9 months to 2 years. 

 Therapists are welcome to join SWI, please contact us by email. To learn more about the life experience and  teachers of Sunjin write to DevaSruti6@gmail.com  

in 2024 our programs have evolved into working with individuals and families stricken by Long COVID syndrome, Late stage Lyme ,Adult autistics , Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s and other toxic brain injuries and neurodegenerative illness. Please write from where ever you are.  We have a network of practitioners working on this. 

Sunjin, Deva Sruti  continues to work on special projects. W/ professional physicians, institutions looking  to offer new and special training program.  She spends time writing and working as a passionate advocate for the Kiss the Ground movement and regenerative farming,recognizing the absolute necessity to harmonize the  frequency of the microbiome of all living beings.


Sonic Wellness Institute

  Retreats and centers :

Body Mind Retreat Center, Ithaca, NY 

Long Island Center for Recovery

Lehman College Somatics training 

Menla Retreat Center , Phoenicia, NY


Programs and instruments approved for  NY State University Programs.

Programs approved for Children living on the Autism and on the spectrum NY State programs


Sonic Wellness Institute  ASSOCIATES

Marcia Radin, 

New York City

Tammy Kohlschmidt

THERMOGRAPHY FOR HEALTH OF NY & Holistic Dentist, Dr. Reid Winick and Director of Thermography Tammy Kohlschmidt,RDH, CCT, CBP.

Tammy Kohlschmidt is a Certified Clinical Thermographer and a frontrunner as a Licensed Dental Hygienist. She has a special interest in the Oral Systemic Link and in Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy using Lasers. By combining Thermal Imaging and Periodontal Therapy she has made connections between the mouth and body that address The Oral Systemic Link. Tammy believes the mouth and body share an ecosystem that must be treated as a whole to obtain sustainable health.

 Tammy has intertwined her intuitive healing abilities and her love for energetic medicine as a Certified Body Talk Practitioner. She has also trained in Nutritional Evaluations using the Zyto technology. She has integrated Thermal Imaging, Periodontal Therapy, Energetic and Spiritual Healing with Nutritional Evaluations, as a better way for sustaining health and well being. Tammy believes that health and well being is a reflection of spirit, belief systems, energetic fields, body structure and body chemistry.

Tammy is a founding member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. She is a member of Dentistry for Diabetics, Centers for Dental Medicine, Thermography Unlimited, and the International Body Talk Association. She has co-hosted a national radio show on Sustainable Dentistry, she teaches and lectures on Thermography and is currently co-hosting the show Sustainable Dentistry- A Better Way with Dr. Reid Winick on Manhattan Cable, channel 57.

Sound Acupunturists

Donna Nesteruk, LAc,

Donna Nesteruk is located in St. James, NY. She has been teaching sound therapy with tuning forks, EFT therapy, group sound concerts as well . Donna offers acupuncture sessions combined with  sound therapy. She is one of the first acupuncturist to offer sound therapy in NY.  Donna was mentored by John Beaulieu, in Biosonics and she is a Master in Sound Therapeutics. She is a  Life Mindset counselor, offers Coaching and Hypnosis.



Jenny Ubinas, LAc

Jenny Ubinas, LAc , Tibetan Tones Therapist

293 Boyle Rd , Selden NY 


Christine Cyriacks, DAOM. Master Tibetan Tones Teacher has offices in Manhattan and Westchester, NY where she treats al chronic illness and is a Fertility specialist for both men and women using acupuncture and Chinese herbal, nutritional and Tibetan Tones techniques for over 24 yrs. 

572 Park Ave, NYC/. 635 Madison Ave. NYC and Rye, NY



 Cynthia Woolfort Maltenfort, Tibetan Tones Sound Therapist. Master Tai Chi


Cynthia is a Mater Tai Chi Practitioner and Teacher for Sonic Wellness Instiute. She has been traveling from China and all around the USA teaching students the empowering effect of Tai chi and Tibetan Tone therapy . She is location in the US is both Princeton NJ and  Virginia.




Heart Quest Results





  Our mission is to create a new modality form of ancient rituals to be adapted into daily life. To bring peace and harmony to all.