Sound therapy Singing Bowls.

Flower of Life

  • Large Therapy Pro grade singing bowl.
  • The main low lumbar / abdominal  bowl of every singing bowl sound massage.  
  • Designed for deeper vibrations and penetration of subtle sound waves.
  •  Used in Yin Restorative yoga as these waves penetrate the muscles. 
  • Tibetan Tones® Singing Bowl made with specific combination of only pure metal alloys, proprietary blend.
  • Lower Lumbar and lower abdominal bowl for moving qi and stagnation.
  • This bowl plays on and on with extra long sustaining multi harmonics. The first strike sets the tone for the entire session as the vibratory waves swirl deep into the body. 
  • The unique design and weight  creates the deepest vibrations into the body when used for sound massage.