High Heart Bowl \ Pro series Singing bowl

High Heart bowl is especially good for Shen disturbance. This is a specially shaped singing bowl made with special blend of metals.

  • It has it's own unique sing sound to it especially reacting to the other bowls being played. The High Heart brings the treatment to another level for brain wave entrainment and helps alleviate symptoms of depression. Faster wave beat.
  • High heart is included in sets for professionals or separately.
  • This bowl is used in Kundalini yoga, also as a Zen singing bowl and one of the Best singing bowls in our line as a bowl that blends and accentuate other bowls.
  • Sound Vibration practitioner use is and psychotherapists for insomnia and Anxiety  clients.  I works especially well with lower tone bowlsand will be available at SAT NAM FEST. Reiki masters also enjoy this bowl.

TTHH 1300


includes soft beater, leather ringing stick, felt ring, cotton bag

To save money bowls are always discounted and shipping is free when bought in sets. 

Look for the High Heart Shen bowl in the Pro set

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