Singing bowl 11.75" Tibetan Thick Rim Sound Meditation Series Sale

Large Heart Bowl w/ Flower of Life 

Approximate  Measurements:
 Diameter: 11.5"-.75 / 29 -30cm
 Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz / 2.2 kg.

The TibetanTones Tonifier Bowls, are heavier by design with a fortified thick rim. 

Another long deep sustaining wave of multi harmonics cover the landscape of any yoga room.  In Massage it is know as the Larger lower heart bowl. 

No sound massage is complete without a Tonifier bowl. It brings more depth to the session.  

In the yoga room this is a very powerful bowl also.

sound meditation series  Used by Sound healers, Yoga TeachersAcupuncturists, Reiki Masters and Psycho therapists &Physical Therapists.

For meditation as zen singing bowls. Sutra Hall for chanting and in Kundalini yoga class.

Also know as the Large Heart Bowl

• The TibetanTones thick rim Bowls are heavier by design and used in sound healing therapy on upper body front and back: play beautifully in sound baths.

• For in Kundalini yoga as well as Asthanga .  Aromatherapists and Reiki masters use.

• .Anxiety and Insomnia patients use for self care, and sound Vibration practitioners use around upper body.

• This bowl design resembles the old style Himalayian and Nepal style singing bowls with thicker rims and walls.

. Rich tone waves  create soothing effect on the nervous system.
• For Zen meditation as zen singing bowls as well as Sutra hall for Chanting.
• Ayurveda chakra balancing is what these bowls were designed for also .

Included is felt ring, cotton string bag cover and white felt beater.

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