Tibetan Tones Singing Bowls

Tibetan Tones®️ Is the mark of excellence for modern made singing bowls from India. These bowls are made only 10 pieces per day for medium to large and 15 a day of small sizes. This is the criteria for workmanship. The metal alloy combination is the highest grade copper and tin. Ordinary bowls will create similar shapes but they will use more copper and a cheaper grade and they will machine grind down tho get the thinness. The only way to create long sustaining vibratory waves is by continuous hot beating and then hours of more Cold tapping . This is what makes the metal stronger, thinner and even toned. These raw materials have become harder to obtain. Because our methods are so labor intensive it is becoming more challanging every year to find young people who want to do this work. If at all they would rather work on grinding machines to make bowls.  It takes a certain type mastery to make a hand hammered bowl with the copper/tin we use. The lesser guilty is softer and easier to hammer.  Our workers have been doing this craft of sculpting and hammering bronze when they were used for kitchen utensils. Dishes, bowls. This is where our antique bowls come from. The families who used to make bowls for food. 
So a little bit if truth you can read between the lines. We will never tell you our bowls have all 7 metals or that our antiques were dug out from under His Holiness’s home back in Tibet.  Old bowls were made for food.