CHAKRA SET 7 pc pre tuned singing bowls by Tibetan Tones 10.176

Hand picked out of combination of Sonic Wave - Tonifier - Deep Resonator - Yogi bowls.  

TT-CH08-776-O          A3.     16.6 cm.         6.5"         $ 155.20

TT-CH09-680-O.         G3.      17 cm            6.6"        $ 136.00

TT-CH10-1076-O.        E3.       19.0 cm        7.4"        $ 215.20

TT-CH11-1520-O.        D3         23.0 cm       9.0"        $ 304.00

TT-CH12-1642-O         F4.         25.2 cm       9.9"       $ 328.40

TT-CH13-1972-O.        B2.         27.0 cm       10.6"     $ 394.40

TT-CH14-2500-O.        C4          29.5 cm.      11.6"     $ 500.00

 Total    10.176kg.  

 includes 2 soft boppers/  2 sticks /cotton string bags/ 7 felt ring  FREE SHIPPING IN THE US.

WE ARE NO LONGER LISTING THE EXACT SET ON SIGHT.  We have found our clients are much happier with each set is put together per order and are able to combine specific to your preference.

This is a sample of sizes to create set.

video is sent to you before shipping  along with variety of mallet selections techniques for use .


We will contact you after you place order or please contact us first .


Tibetan Tones®️ Brand singing bowls are special made for Sonic Wellness by fair trade family bowl makers in Nepal and India.We do not import massive loads of factory bowls.