Restorative Yoga Singing bowl Yin Yoga Series

11.75" x 4.5" this bowl is part of a set or can be utilizes by itself for creating low deep hypnotic waves.

Restorative yoga classes, many times deal with pain in the joints and muscles. Tis can be a symptom of fibromyalgia or a clogged gallbladder channel. Either way the Restorative bowl series is designed to expand blood vessels and alleviate the inflammation in swollen lymph. Our class on Sonic  Restorative Yoga, designed for certified yoga teachers to take on line. All teachers have access to call in for questions and sharing their experience. Feedback is what keeps the sonic Wellness Institute informed This bowl is designed to reverberate expansive slow deep waves attracted to the liver and Gallbladder channel in the body. Recipients will feel the difference . 

Special financing for yoga teachers and studios for the Yin Restorative Series. 

Large Singing Bowl. OM sacred symbol. . Strong vibratory waves. Excellent for YIN YOGA RESTORATIVE SERIES studio bowl.  Long player. Great rim sing for activating Sonic waves.

High quality burgundy Tibetan mallets . 2 sizes . 

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