Sonic Wave Journey Sound Meditation at your home.

Tibetan Tones®️ Sound Meditation

Experiencing the bliss of meditation induced through multi harmonic high vibrations. 



Tibetan Tones®️ Singing Bowls are the finest  SPA grade, designed to produce longer deep sustaining vibrational sound wave. Highesti quality bronze bell metal alloys used to hand hammer and sculpt for some 30 hours in crafting techniques by master artisans.

Sonic Wellness Institute was founded in 2017 for the harmonic recovery of all beings. Now since COVID the Sonic Wave Meditations are key to raising the vibration right in your home.

“You are invited to be inspired, and to inspire, take an active part in your communities rescue. We must break the spell of all illusions creating fear and separation. Only through harmonizing the vibration can we rise up together.” Suki Rai🙏

What is a Sonic Wave Journey?

A Sonic Wave Journey is an experience of transcendence through the power of entrainment created bythe multiple harmonics of Tibetan Tones®️ singing bowls, gongs, chimes, Shruti,tambura, pan drum and other  instruments designed to induce deep relaxation.

What is a theta wave meditative state? Often described as the dream state or flowing creative ideas. In theta our senses are withdrawn from the external world and picking up on signals operating from within. 

Benefits of Sonic Wave Journey

  • Enhances Creativity 
  • Awakens the spirit
  • Calms the mind
  • Alleviates Insomnia
  • Activates Qi and blood flow
  • Initiates Re-Membering

Ages 18 to infinity. 

NO WALK IN.  Please send your contact if you would like to be on our list to be in each  group .  


No perfumes or second hand smoke.                    
Wear socks and dress comfy for warmth.

LI Lavender fields filed eye pads available.

Private family or groups sessions available by appointment. 

any questions TEXT 917 748 6600