Sonic Wave Sundays

Sonic Wave Journey    
Experiencing the bliss of meditation through sound.

Interview with Suki , Creator of Programs at Sonic Wellness Institute

BJ :  Why the name, Sonic Wave Journey and why would anyone want to try this?

Suki:   The name and structuring this sound meditation as a Sonic Wave Journey is for people to approach meditation as a sort of altered reality journey.

Being led by the sound waves into a dream like journey. There are different levels and zones of meditation but unless you are an avid meditator for many years, the meditations don’t go as far as a dream state.  It’s very good for us to sit still for 15 to 20 minutes in silence but unless you are a thumb sucker it is very difficult to calm your nervous system down enough and shut off thoughts.  

By creating a space, a vibratory field that lures the brain in through entrainment and keeps them following the sound. The longer or deeper they go into the dream the more profound the experience. 

 Originally, I called it BABY BOOMERS YOGA 😂 .  This is  the perfect restorative brain session for seniors.  Just come on in and lay on your Angelheart Dreamer.  The sessions would end in 60 minutes and everyone would still be there an hour later talking and laughing together.  It was amazing.


BJ : What type results?

Suki:   When working with people in substance rehabilitation, there was a freedom and awakening of Spirit in everyone. There is an wave of LOVE in the room. The tuff guys are always the most so grateful.  These sessions are not like Gong Baths. We do sometimes use a gong but the Tibetan Tones®️ bowls give out the BIG EMBRACE.  You really see they look younger in their faces.  The eyes soften.   They experience the Big Luv Vibe. When we use drugs we loose our connection to our own true perfect nature as if it never existed.

Addiction and Trauma go hand in hand and for these people they have no memory of ANY previous experience  of happiness. There is also a great deal of self loathing that is lifted in the Sonic Wave Journey.

 It was when people started sharing wonderful memories of laughing and giggling with siblings and friends that I really saw a whole new world of possibilities. The really interesting part was I kept noticing these joyful memories were from at around age 3, 4 or maybe 5 yrs old. Like pre school age. (Which to me is before 5 even though now kids are in school at 3.)  When you are able to provide someone with a way of accessing precious moments of their lives that were completely blacked out or whipped out, you are reintroducing and connecting them with their Soul.  Otherwise they walk around forever with a deep sense of loss of an entire child hood because of blocked memories.  

You have to see what it means to live in a harmonic state and how  important this is for all.  

This drifting or dream activity seems to almost release something similar to  OXYTOCIN or what ever it is to bring about this  remembering of JOY.  SWJ practiced regularIy, I  have no doubt it can re structure the hard ware in our brains. The more you tap in , the easier it get to tapa in and follow your breath as it hooks into the the connection to spirit. Joy is a state of being. Joy Beings is what we all are entitled to be.  How can we even grasp this concept without that point of reference as to what this JOY is like?

BJ: What type instruments do you use?

Suki:  In the Sonic Wave Journey, variety is important but the foundational tones of the bowls are the key waves. Chimes, drums, rattles, rain sticks and flutes are added to the Tibetan Tones®️ long standing vibrational singing bowls. We are very particular about who how and where all the instruments are made, especially the bowls. TT bowls are made by individual families with no lead or remelted junk metals. The highest quality. Bronze bell metal is used, different than ordinary Tibetan or Himalayan bowls.

BJ : What type training is involved?

Suki:  A trained practitioner to perform a Sonic Wave Journey first has to be trained in the on the body Tibetan Tones CORE Module Series. first reason being is they need to be worked on themselves. They also spend months practicing, observing and assisting.  Some are ready sooner than others. It is an individual thing. 


 Angelheart Dreamers, a 4” thick, cotton batting futon, covered in Angelheart Flax linen fabric. Linen has a high signature frequency of 5000. Higher than any other fiber other than wool which has the identical frequency. ( the reason the Bible tells us never to be combined together because they cancel each other out)



Tibetan Tones®️ Singing Bowls are the finest high quality grade, designed to produce longer deep sustaining vibrational sound wave.

What will I be doing at the Sonic Wave Journey?

You will be given a freshly covered sanitary eye pad and blanket and  laying down on an Angelheart Dreamer. (100% cotton covered in Angelheart Flax Linen.

COMPLETELY LET GO!   Experience the reverberations and soothing effects of the multi harmonic waves.  

What is a theta wave meditative state? Often described as the dream state or flowing creative ideas. In theta our senses are withdrawn from the external world and picking up on signals operating from within. The benefits of meditation experienced by monks living in monestaries or yogis in ashrams can now be available to all of us in our homes as we train to hold family Sonic Wave Journeys and meditations. Write to Suki for the most affordable training for your family.



The Reverberations of the Aquarian Age are upon us !
Experience  the Cosmic Embrace. 🙏  Suki Rai


Benefits of Sonic Wave Journey

  • Awakens the Spirit
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Alleviates Insomnia
  • Strengthens Heart 


    Sunday’s 1:PM - 2:PM

    71 Grove St. Glenwood Landing,NY 


    We are sanitizing to CDC standards between all gatherings. High tough areas/bathrooms.

    Temperature checked at door. No one admitted without mask.

    No perfumes or second hand smoke.                   No food allowed. 
    Wear socks and dress comfy for warmth.

    RESERVE SPACE PayPal.Me/SonicWave

     $2O. Adults  $5. Children    

    Private family or groups sessions available by appointment. 

    any questions TEXT 917 748 6600  

    We have to set up proper space. Only those who reserved or texted by Saturday 10 PM will have a place saved.🙏


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