Children Party Sonic Wizards at your home.

Sonic Wizards sound parties 

Every little Guru’s favorite time learning rituals in dance and special chants. Sacred Geometric drawing. Playing singing bowls, Fun, energetic, educational, and then learning how to meditate. 

The Next Wave Rave Generation is perfectly suited to this type activity. From  inside we see the Angel rising up when embraced by the velvet tones of harmonic waves from the high quality lead free spa grade Tibetan Tones singing bowls. 
You can book a whole day of events. Even serving the cake in ceremonial style. Your child will sleep like an Angel. 🤗😇🥰

 Kids group singing bowl parties will start at 90minutes but you can book 3-4 hours. Moms absolutely LOVE the Sonic Wizards parties. 

Dance exercises 

Singing bowl class

Gong class


silly goose movement class

tea party (juice) ceremony style

flower of life and sacred geometry coloring.

  $300 minimum for 90 minutes/ $100 per hour additional

$20 per child over 10 children 

we will tailor the party to your age group.

Best to call to schedule w/ Elaine 917748 6600

We also do presentations at your location