Singing Bowl Set 7 chakra tones

Golden mirror reflection chakra singing bowl collection: this set with a mirrored finish brings a magical radiance to the room. Sound Yoga lovers , children's home schoolers and grade school teachers choice. Hand made to perfection creates reverberations that will fill the entire yoga studio. Play in your class or with your family for an at home cosmic meditation.  A perfectly tuned 7 chakra scale set sized from 4",5", 6", 7", 8" 9" 10".  In cotton bags for protection . Easy travel fits in back pack.

A very special set for  singing bowl lovers of all ages. Hand hammered to perfection with golden mirror finish. Includes one of our new Green Berry wands plus one Red Berry want and leather puja stick. and Tibetan felt beater. Bowls play best when lined up on yoga blanket or carpet. Enough to pass around for others to play with you. A perfect set for introducing your listening skills to a finer level. Long sustaining cosmic waves have a tonic effect on the brain to drop into a theta wave meditative state.  

Typically this set is $899.99 but is on sale now. For $749.00

7 bowls from 4" to 10" includes instructional video. 

Includes: 6 accessories. 

felt tip Tibetan bopper                                                                                                                      fuzzy top bopper

one  Green Berry wands                                                                                                                      one Red Berry  wand                                                                                                                                   two leather puja sticks