High Heart Sonic Bowls

The High Heart series is a bowl of extraordinary design. The rim is thicker in appearance but it is actually BENT in to contain the reverberations. 

This is how many large older bowls were made . You will see. The antique Jambhati bowls with this lip. 
the High heart is a sonic F# in most cases and each bowl will always have its own personality of overtones. 
average weight is from 1300 to 1450 grams. And 8.5” wide. 
the height is lower than average bowls and bottom surface more flatter. 

The larger width of 9” will usually radiate a D#  

although we do not subscribe to using meters for your practice. We do use for the purpose of informing on the website. But even then meters fluctuate from type to type. 

When you purchase a bowl seen on the video this will be the exact bowl.