Harmonic Rehabilitation Group Tuesday 6:30 PM to 8:00PM

Harmonic Recovery


FOR Recovering Addicts.    


917 748 6600

$20.00 per person. or  5 class card  $80.00 ( good for one month)

6:30 pm to 8:00pm. 

 About our Harmonic Rehabilitation  Program :

If you would like to enter training to become a Harmonic Rehabilitation Practitioner please write to us tibetantones@gmail.com

At Sonic Wellness Institute we have found in working with addicts there is a craving for a more monastic environment. Peace and serenity with a scheduled routine is what they crave in doing the deep soul searching it takes to find the strength in recovery.

The Harmonic Rehabilitation program utilizing sensory frequency  therapies such as Auricular, Tibetan Tones, Drums of the Heart, Essential Oils , Zen meditation, and chanting, 4th STEP Moral Inventory Program.

 All parts of our program compliment  a typical 12 step recovery program in recognizing addiction and recovery as a spiritual condition. In fact the 12 step meetings become enhanced and a more productive open process moves obstacles and brings clarity of heart and mine.

Sonic  Wellness Institute 

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