Tibetan Tones Yoga

tibetan Tones yoga is a 60 minute Class for all ages from 10 yrs and above. Especially recommended for decompressing the nervous system, raises the Spirits, alleviating anxiety and digestive issues, restoring brain function and better sleep habits. 

This is a very unique yoga Class developed by Tibetan Tones®️ performed only by trained Tibetan Tones Yoga Practitioners.

Breath work for clearing lungs and detoxifying blood, lite Qi movements for stretching tendons and muscles, chanting, Gong MUDRA, low vibrational asana for enhancing bone density. Tibetan Tones®️Bowls placed on body for harmonizing blood vessels and organs, stimulating blood flow to capillaries in brain and feet. 

Wear loose fit clothing, bring eye mask . 

Thick shiatsu mats used for maximum comfort. Excellent class for Baby Boomers and partners.

Bring water.