Tibet House -Deep Gratitude

Tibet House

In deep gratitude to all the very hard working generous people who have been supporting the mission of His Holiness all these years and Tibet House. 


They say ' Giving is a privilege and it is earned.'  So here is to the givers !!! 


Thank you to Robert and Nena for a life time of dedication and service always for the Greater Good.

Thank you, Lynn, Ganden and staff for another magical event.

Tibet house

And BIG LOVE THANKS to all you awesome people who support this and so many great projects. So much is possible because of your generosity.  These bells were made special for you.

The Awakening Bell of Compassion is  hand hammered , buffered to perfection, made of a proprietary bronze bell metal alloy combination by family owned fair tradesmen in N. India for Tibetan Tones.

May the sound of the  Awakening Bell transform love and compassion to all hearts of the world. 

tibet house