Container of Compassion Project -private program


If you are a family living with the pain and deep sorrow from loss of your child, sibling, spouse or  your parent, we invite you to join us in this Container of Compassion.  

His Holiness teaches us " The closer connection you have to someone, the more responsibility you have to fulfill that person's wish." " We must turn our sadness  into strength."  

There is no "moving on" from the pain.   Soul vibes connections are eternal.  We are here in body or not, the vibration, the Spirit of each one  we forever contain, we absorb into our own  inner acoustic field  We are cycles of waves forming vibratory fields.


 We are the container of one another. 

The Tibetan Tones Container of Compassion program is built as a series one commits to as a sacred experience in memory of their  loved one.

Utilizing old traditional methods of developing a strong connection to our own true perfect nature.   The student grows in very profound way as this program is about stillness, meditative  movement and sonic reconfiguration, turning the intensity of the grief, anger, resentment, shock to a new wave of of vibration building up strength through an inner connection that is the very make up of our being. This program is about dedication inspired by the Spirit of their loved one. A pivotal time in everyone life.

When we realize and understand all of life and energy as vibration, we understand the power of death.  Everyone at some point in their life has to deal with the pain of loss of a loved one. We all fall apart but the loss of a child or a sibling or a parent as a child can be crippling because it occurs too early in life.  Whole families of fragmented and each one plays a different role in the way the family copes as a unit. Each one suffers alone deep in to their core.

The truth is each one grieving will be finding themselves for the first time. This is a death and rebirth for each one.  

Whole family programs available. Teen groups. 

Formal Zen practice of meditation as an experience building inner


Hand eye coordination exercises, self esteem building, increase in ability to focus

balance , flexibility, 

Taoist movement classes for men and women. 

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, with Grand Master Goulin, of  Shaolin Temple

Fathers night and special Saturdays for Fathers.

Drum work - gong work - 


Sonic Wellness Institute is here to offer a Container of Compassion for these families to come together .

We are offering new restoration programs since Covid on line for a new kind of approach to bring families in touch with their own inner acoustic field ; a place of peace of inner harmony.


Our programs are here to provide the Sacred Container for you to rest, restore and regain new strength. 

"Srooti" class - a new form of meditative movement to soothe and restore the soul. 

Teen clubs will be available during the week. 

Spaces available  for your meetings: If you are a therapist in need of a space for working with grieving families we have spaces available.

 Please write to us to register with us, to be on  mailing of all events and locations.

 This is a closed membership. Only for grieving families. We are here for all foundations. 

Please send you name and location with contact info and we will  contact you. 


Our Holiday Schedule : 2018 


Sonic Wellness Institute 351 Larkfield Rd. E. Northport, NY 

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April 2019 workshop at Menla Tibetan Retreat in upstate NY. - TBA

Elaine Mackle, Director, Sonic Wellness Institute  


or call 917 748 6600 

Training programs available: in Tibetan Tones Therapy