Insomnia Anxiety and Sonic Auricular Therapy


Sonic Auricular Singing Bowl Therapies


Intro to Sonic Auricular Therapy and Singing bowl sound therapy.

If you or anyone in your family suffer from sleep disorders or anxiety, this is an excellent class for you. A wonderful opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how we can recreate new healthier sleep patterns. New ways of dealing with anxiety by understanding the mechanisms of what is it that maintains this constant underlying pattern of disharmony in our system. 

We will be holding a series on the Heart Mind Connection addressing various issues starting with Anxiety and insomnia. This will be a 90 minute workshop led by Elaine Mackle at the Sonic Wellness Institute.

71 Grove St.Glenwood Landing, NY

Sleep deprivation is the fastest way to break down our whole system of it's vitality, clarity and overall sense of well being.  People become physically ill from lack of sleep.  We will be addressing this issue and what is it we can do to strengthen our endocrine system to create a better quality life.

Anxiety is many times confused with Panic Attacks, this is two different things we will be addressing in the class. Coping skills and methods to strengthen the nervous system. Learn how to get to the root of the overwhelm.  


• Stress reduction and deep relaxation
• Healthy sleep and regeneration support
• Stimulate self healing process in the body (medications reduction)
• Mental Clarity
• Enhances focus
• Energy regeneration and development
• Supports in the process of release of problems, old patterns, blockages
• Enhances memory and concentration
• Maintain harmonious professional relationships
• Overall wellness of their mind, body & soul.

Please wear comfortable loose fit clothing, socks, 


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