Tibetan Tones is proud to share the message of Tibetan singing bowl benefits with the world. As practitioners and trainers in the arts of sound healing, we’re always thrilled when people come to us with their physical, mental, and emotional ailments. We believe that sound healing is a powerful way to achieve clarity and strength in life.

Below we’ve listed some of the testimonials provided freely by our singing bowl healing clients, and attendees of our workshops and training sessions. These experiences, relayed by real people in their own words, speak to the profoundly positive way that Tibetan singing bowl benefits can affect your life. Contact us to learn more or shop our full selection of Tibetan singing bowls online today.

Reviews About TibetanTones® Meditation

Along with this calm sense of well-being, I experienced relief from the tendonitis I had in my right foot. I was much more relaxed and I had lessening of IBS symptoms. I have better quality sleep and better short term memory." RH, Psychotherapist, NY

"It was like my system re-set itself. I was not feeling so depleted. Very restorative."
BJC Therapist, NY

"What an absolutely wonderful experience. I found the treatment to be absolutely entrancing and could not believe how quickly the hour went by. I hope to recieve this on a regular basis." Denise. NY.

"Absolutely AWESOME!."
Sylvia. NY

"The Sound Therapy Program was a Godsend and was much needed on that day. The sounds were very soothing to me on what had turned out to be a very stressful day. Prior to the session I felt I would have to go home early because I felt like a bundle of raw nerves from the day's events. After the session I felt my peace and composure had been restored enough to complete my workday. This activity is a sorely needed service. I think it would promote a more joyful productive workplace and would be well attended." Theresa. MSOM, RN