Terms & Conditions

Certifications Terms

1. The TibetanTones Therapy singing bowls must be purchased in order to be certified.
    We do not support this method with other ordinary brass singing bowls.

2. The certificate does not guarantee being on the website. This is being offered as a curtesy. 

3.  This certification is for licensed yoga instructors, professional therapists. Non licensed professionals must submit 20 hours of practical treatment time after completion of class for certification. Also show they are practicing in a clean professional environment.

THE PRACTITIONER LISTING - is a curtesy service to our customers and students. Tibetan Tones Sonic Wellness is in no way responsible for the outcome or satisfacion of persons on these listings. They are not employees of Tibetan Tones Sonic Wellness.

The sound meditation or sound massage or vibrational sound massage is a technique used for relaxation . It is not a medical treatment. This process is actually encouraged to be done amongst family as a preventative measure and a way of keeping a whole family in a good positive relaxed vibration together.

Event Classes at Yoga Studios:

All classes must have signed contract with Sonic Wellness Inc. if being booked at yoga studio. 


NOTES and sound testing: Because of the nature of the multiharmnics of our bowls according to different mallets and the variety of reading on various sound testing equipment we do not guarantee the exactness of the notes and hertz. Tibetan Tunes uses high quality testing procedures and we try out best to produce exact readings.  Our sound files are available for this reason and we are happy to supply extra sound bites upon request of find the bowl you are looking for if you give us what type and notes. 

Tibetan Tones always puts together sets for clients with great care also upon request with sound bites.  

We are here to make you happy and will do our best. call any time 917 748 6600