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  How does Sound Vibrations work?

Understanding Brainwaves

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Understanding Brainwaves with Sound Healing

Of the 5 frequencies (beta, alpha, theta, delta & gamma) that our brain experiences, the theta brainwave range is the one in which the body and mind’s natural self healing processes are activated and optimised.

Alpha / Theta brainwaves are present during deep relaxation, dreaming, meditation and hypnosis. Alpha / Theta brainwaves can be a source of creativity, intuition, increased memory and enhanced concentration. When theta brainwaves are induced by certain mental practices and specialised brain entrainment products like the Singing Bowls, they lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as facilitate healing and growth.

Alpha & Theta are important waves, not only because it facilitates the ideal mental/physiological state for healing, it also enables us to access the power and wisdom of our unconscious mind, that is normally inaccessible in more alert states.

Benefits of stimulating our brain with Alpha theta brainwaves:

Mind and body healing

During Alpha / theta brainwave activity, both the body and mind experience enhanced rejuvenation, growth, and healing. Due to the deep levels of relaxation that these brainwaves facilitate, the body and mind are easily able to restore themselves during and after illness, as well as after mental burnout and physical exertion.

Boosted  immune  system

Increasing your Alpha / theta brainwaves helps to optimise your immune system’s function due to the fact that Alpha-theta brainwaves are associated with vitality and the elimination of stress. Stress and anxiety can do harm to the immune system by releasing a surplus of  harmful chemicals such as adrenaline, including the hormone cortisol, which in oversupply are damaging to the immune system. Alpha-Theta brainwaves activate the release of pleasant chemicals and neurotransmitters to help keep your immune system at its peak.

Deep levels of relaxation

Alpha-Theta brainwaves are most common during sleep, deep meditation, self hypnosis and amongst young children. Through entraining your brain to theta rhythm, you can access pleasantly relaxed states that are rare amongst adults during daily routines.

Stress and anxiety reduction

Alpha-Theta brainwave entrainment causes deep mental and physical relaxation, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Intuition increase

Through accessing alpha- theta brainwaves, your intuition will increase as well as your ability to identify  “gut” feelings. In other words, your ability to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ outside the borders of the physical senses expands, and therefore your perception of reality expands too. Through training your brain with meditation, self hypnosis or brain entrainment, you awaken your deeper intelligence, also known as the ‘inner genius’.

Subconscious connection

Alpha-Theta brainwaves allow you to connect deeply with your unconscious mind (subconscious). Your unconscious mind is the collective intelligence of all cells in your body. It regulates all your autonomic body functions. It houses your emotions, imagination, memory, habits, intuition, and is your personal pathway to even more subtle levels of consciousness.

Ability to program your unconscious mind (subconscious)

Meaningful personal transformation results from a shift in the unconscious mind. The only way to reach and change major set beliefs and emotional responses of the unconscious mind is through hypnosis or theta brainwave entrainment.

Through self hypnosis or theta brain entrainment, you can access the unconscious mind for the purpose of facilitating core healing and change. Therefore theta brainwave entrainment is a great resource for both Hypnotherapists as well as those using self hypnosis.

High levels of creativity

Alpha-Theta brainwave dominance is often found in highly creative individuals. Many talented musicians, inventors, and artists are found to have extremely higher than average amounts of Alpha-theta brainwaves.  Through entraining alpha-theta brainwaves your creativity will be enhanced.

Advanced problem solving skills

Alpha-Theta brain waves help you to overcome “mental blocks” and enable you to access the FLOW state. The inability to solve problems is related to your inability to change your mental state. Inducing alpha-theta brainwaves changes your mental state and thereby offers new levels of thought and perception that enable you to approach any problem with greater resourcefulness. Alpha-Theta brainwaves have also been associated with the ability to “hyperfocus” which means staying intensely focused and motivated with one idea.

Increase of the learning ability

It has been said that as your brain enters the frequencies of the theta range, you will be able to retain over 300% more information than you can while in your normal daily (beta brainwave) state. Theta brainwaves allow people to learn large amounts of information in a much quicker time than beta brainwave state.

Research has been done on language learning and development, claiming that the reason why children are able to pick up new languages so quickly is because of their increased amount of alpha-theta brainwaves. Adults and students of a new foreign language may greatly benefit from shifting their brainwaves to the theta range.

Improve long-term memory

As alpha-theta brainwaves increase, the ability of the brain to recall and store long-term memories increases. The hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in storing and processing memories, normally has a theta brainwave rhythm. With increasing levels of stress, beta brainwaves ‘disrupt’ the hippocampus. This is why stressed people often have a poor ability to recall long-term memories.

Emotional connection

Alpha-Theta brainwaves are associated with your ability to feel emotions. Blocked or suppressed emotions can be experienced when theta brainwaves are stimulated. In this way you can learn to feel and understand your emotions better.

The harmonic sounds immediately convey feelings of safety and security, and quickly state of deep relaxation is achieved. The subtle sound vibrations are felt physically, spread gently over the skin, tissue, organs, bones and body fluids throughout the body. The muscles relax and blood circulation and lymph flow is uninhibited. 


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