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Singing Bowls sound therapy in NYC

Tibetan Singing Bowls NYC

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Tibetan Tones NYC.       ( thermography center NY)

120 E. 56 St 12th floor

11am to 6 pm

How does Sound Vibrations work?

Our bodies contain frequencies that ideally work in balance and harmony. When physically or emotionally stressed, the frequencies become discordant – the vibrations of the body are out of tune or become blocked. When this happens, the body slows its vibrations, which can affect cells and organs, and result in dis-ease or illness.

  • A session performed by trained Tibetan Tones Practitioner facilitates
  • the alleviation of psychosomatic pain,
  • diminish depression,
  • lessen sleeping disorders
  • improve digestion
  • aid natural cleansing abilities or the liver.
  • Immersion in the resonance of the gongs and the Tibetan Tones singing bowls may effectively wash away the negativity and tension in your body and mind, replacing them with feelings of positivity, peacefulness and balanced energy.

Tibetan Tones sound therapy


The harmonic sounds immediately convey feelings of safety and security, and quickly state of deep relaxation is achieved. The subtle sound vibrations are felt physically, spread gently over the skin, tissue, organs, bones and body fluids throughout the body. The muscles relax and blood circulation and lymph flow is uninhibited.

Tibetan singing bowls

Get the benefits of meditative state of mind, through Tibetan Tones Meditation Therapy.

Benefits of a vibrational Sound sessions.

• Deep muscle relaxation
• Mental clarity
• Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs
• Relieving of tension and blockages
• Releasing of toxins from the body.
• Letting go of present or past negative patterns.
• Releasing of mental and emotional pains: low self-esteem, worries, fears, anxiety and depression
• Increasing self-confidence, creative and productive potential
• Achieving more balance and harmony in your life

• Experience of bliss
Vibrational sound therapy Tibetan Tones

Hands-on sound vibration therapy training in using a specific set of pure alloy bell metal Tibetan Tones singing bowls.


Private trainings as well as video classes and school events available..

At your venue ; Sonic Wave Journeys


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