Sonic Wellness New Spine & Spirit Program

   Sonic Wellness Institute

    351 Larkfield Rd.   E. Northport, NY.

What goes on at Sonic Wellness is unique blend of Taoist Movement education and Sound Vibration Therapy.

  • The main floor gallery is where you can find the largest collection of singing bowls available to try in person in  the United States.  
  • On line store but encourage people to buy in person.
  • Only school in the US dedicated to development of  sound healing, meditation & Taoist movements.
  • Full schedule of sound  singing bowl, gongs, drumming sessions. 
  •  Temple set up for Zen Meditation
  • Training in Taoist movement 
  • Trainings to become Certified Sound Practitioners

 Private sound healing sessions available.

This is a School of Transformation

A collaboration of Elaine "Mochi" Mackle and Goulin Shi offering the most unique programs in development of Consciousness, Health and Well Being.  

  • Taoist movement
  • Qi Gong/ Tai Chi w/ Grand Master Goulin 4x a week
  • Qi Gong w/ Anna Lee 2x a week 
  • Sound gong temple sessions w/ E. Mochi 9 x a week
  • Internal organ practice
  • Dynamic Meditation Sundays
  • Abundance consciousness workshop w/Elaine 
  • Sacred geometric art room
  • Sewing and design of meditation robes 
  • Drumming workshop Saturday evenings
  • all in a unique space designed for your comfort and evolution. 

Schedule is flexible for all to be able to attend.

By the end of 12 weeks:

You  created a shift in your own consciousness.

You  have a point of reference of what it is be at peace, in control of your emotions and mind.

You  have tools for dealing with all the challenges of life.

Your brain function is crisp and clear.

Your digestion and diet is balanced.

Your energy is restored.

Your decisions come from a place of strength rather than exhaustion and weakness.

You  have pushed back that first veil to your own transformation.

You meet new friends with a common mind set.

When we transform and awaken to our own call we are in alignment with Source. We attract new relations and and we realize the miracle of our own   

  • Work study is available.

Intro open house is held on Sunday JUNE 11, 2017

 11am T0 8 PM

Wear loose clothing and bring sox. 

Cost will be $725 Payable $300 at registration 

All members receive 20% off any singing bowl purchases.

Plus one private interview and sound treatment with Elaine

and one private interview with Grand Master Goulin

Students have unlimited access to all group classes for 12 consecutive weeks.