Private Sound Healing Performances

The "SRUTI " Performers come to your Venue for a uniqueexperience.


Tibetan tones have the most talented performers in Sonic Wave Journeys with a load of incredible Gigantic Bowls and Gongs.

Book a one hour to all day session at your location with family, friends, employees. 

Childrens group session.- one hour session tailored for  various age groups. Lots of fun, relaxation and a way to introduce children to their own special way of chilling. 

Tibetan Tones® Practitioners train children how to take a tome out 3 times a day.  Remarkable results with child anxiety and overall moods. 

Meditation tutors are available and we hold sessions at Sonic Wellness Institute in E. Northport and various locations in NY area.








Surprise your guests with the gift of the BIG EMBRACE from live multi harmonic waves of Tibetan Tones singing bowls and gong baths.

We offer a tailored program from 90 minutes to an entire day or evening. Call 917 748 6600 and let us help you plan your event