Our Mission

We invite everyone to experience transcendence. Embrace the magic through the rhythms of life. We are all a frequency away from PEACE. 

Elaine Tibetantones

Elaine Mackle, Sunjin , founded the Sonic Wellness Institute in E. Northport, NY, is to properly introduce multiple forms of frequency medicine to the community as a new way of practicing daily rituals and educate both professionals and families to the power of sound.

If you desire to learn  the power of transformation through sound, meditation, movement, and other forms of frequency therapies we offer, please contact us.


We offer classes in small groups for professional massage therapists and physicians to learn how to integrate these specially designed singing bowls and benefits into their existing practice.

Trainings to educate yoga teachers on how to properly hold a sound yoga class with our singing bowls and gongs designed specifically to create a sound spectrum that will, induce a restful and yet rejuvenated state for an entire room of people.

The  benefits of multi harmonic sound from Tibetan Tones singing bowls are being discovered every day.