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 A  pioneer in the use of all things being frequency as medicine.  Her own life experience with chronic fatigue and depression spurred on her quest to find answers through alternative medicine and higher knowledge. Her spiritual training started in 1982 to 1985  when her friend introduced her to work with Ram Das and the teachings of Muktananda. Relishing a deep understanding in the yoga of love. In 1992  she studied Kaballah w/ H.S. Berg who  opened her eyes to the Gurdjieff work, Alice Bailey and the world of Occult to deepen insights of the science of mind. By 1995, chronically ill, she sold her business in NYC garment center and moved Ithaca, NY to immerse herself in Zen meditation and natural healing.The next 15 years she practiced training in Rinzai Zen, worked with natural healers,Became a Bikram Yoga teacher, opened a Bikram yoga school in Marseille,  traveled to India to study Ayurveda and live at the Osho Ashram. In 2010,  in Seattle she met Dr. Susan Marra who unraveled the past 30 years of insanity. She tested positive for late stage  Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and multiple parasitic infections. "Thirty years of all that training was just to hear what Dr. Marra told me." I realized the cosmic joke of life. My Father had been deteriorating for the past 30 years with lyme after a big bullseye on his ankle. It was like watching Superman when kryptonite was in the room. It went on so long we forgot it was even lyme. They kept looking for other reasons. I never made the connection that I was the identical version of my Dad only I was supposed to be 20 yrs younger and didn't handle it as well as he did. Looking at him was like looking at the mirror while strapped into an electric chair."  Classical Chinese herbal medicine to treat Lyme disease and went to NYCTCM. It was her mentor Marcia Radin, the renowned Whirling Dervish,  who turned her on to the world of ritual and sound. This long journey is what gave Elaine so much ammunition to open a center on Long Island, by this time was plagued by Lyme for going on 3 generations now.