First Responders

First Responders

Our First Responders

Many men and women knowingly and unknowingly are struggling with PTSD, Anxiety or Depression.They find themselves drinking more alcohol or taking pain killers, cigarettes and over eating to cope with the stress. These people are in service to the community in very demanding roles and then go home to their families expected to be able to leave the job behind them. On an energetic and emotional level this is impossible. We owe these dedicated people some form of coping and decompression method other than prescription drugs.

These jobs are also physically demanding. First Responders are often injured on the job, and many injuries have to be treated with opioid pain prescriptions. This is the classic introduction for so many people finding themselves abducted by the power of opioids. They never saw it coming.

Experience, has now shown us all, the high risk of ever being prescribed opioids, even for a tooth extraction, a 3 day prescription of opioids is leaving that patient with altered brain chemistry. Their resistance or threshold to pain when that prescription ends is lowered. The euphoria wears off causing a dip in neurotransmitter function and a depression sets in. Anxiety begins to occur now.

Truth be told, the pharmaceutical industry did the biggest disservice to humanity by advising OxyContin, Oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin as a safe quick fix to any and all pain conditions. The benzo’s for anxiety and heavy sleep medications for the insomnia. This is not a life for anyone.  The irresponsible prescribing by all physicians has now caused this new health crisis of relentless addiction leaving neurological and gastrointestinal damage and emotional scars. There is no exit strategy to repair that individuals lowered relationship to pain, depressionamd anxiety.

We must never forget how much we depend on these brave and dedicated people.They are the soldiers on the front line in our communities. They protect us, keep our families safe and when they are not fighting fires or arresting criminals and saving lives round the clock as Paramedics they are helping all the addicts and homeless people whose lives are lost to addiction and mental illness. First Responders deal with the darkest side of life every day. These are the super heroes we all have the luxury of just dialing 911 and they show up with lightening speed. 

There is no kool down space for them to decompress. Hour after hour, shift after shift of dealing with the risk of being shot, never knowing if you will make it back out of the flames , loosing a fellow responder wears you down. It robs the Spirit. The job is never what you signed up for. Being constantly exposed to all this tears away at your heart.

There is nothing glamorous about being a first responder. These people have a strong sense of pride duty and obligation to life In service to others. They deserve to continue to work and retire in solid peace of mind and dignity. 

The Harmonic Recovery Program is an in-depth understanding of what energy type person even becomes a responder in the first place. We repair and retrain a new switching mechanism that turns their brains and adrenaline into rest mode with induced meditation and whole new ways to instill these rituals into their daily lives.

The Harmonic Recovery Program is a Multi Sensory designed system to recalibrate a First Responders morphology into being able to access that down time switch, to maintain a new sense of strength and flexibility on the job, and to repair any damage to the brain and parasympathetic nervous system.

Our programs are used integrative along side current n going detox and recovery programs in centers around the US. These programs were developed at the Sonic Wellness Institute in NY where we hold trainings as well as evening programs for local‘s in recovery. Join our whole family sessions. Contact us at 917 748 6600 for more info.