Addiction Program

Sonic Wellness Institute addiction program is available on line. Our programs are being used in therapeutic communities with great success. We have programs you can apply at home.

Since the COVID lock down restrictions substance abuse has caused great pain in many homes, escelating stress on children and breaking up whole families.   

Professional addiction therapists are available for on line meetings. 

There is no room for shame or blame. This is a time for a more sophisticated approach to the painful road of recovery.  Sonic Wellness Institute is the first to install progressive approaches to recovery by utilizing sound, meditation, sonic auricular therapy, Awaken the Giant, Sonic Wave Journey, the Tai Tones movement series and other cognitive therapeutics.  The 12 Step Program AA/NA is key to obtaining a strong life long recovery . 

No one is seen as just an addict, the recovery is a very individual karmic battle. Addiction is basically where all Self Realization begins.  There is no way to even recognize the light not having experienced the depths of darkness.  Addiction is the darkest experience of loosing our connection to Spirit. The Sonic Wellness Harmonic Rehabilitation programs create an

Interviews are available for anyone who is ready to reach out, Covid is the least of the issue.  

If you or a family member is addicted to drugs, alcohol and you need someone to talk to, call. Call for you. Call for them. Never give up Hope. Always reach out.

call 917 748 6600 leave a message , name and contact