COPE FOUNDATION -Loss of a Child Tibetan Tones Meditation Group. Nov. 10, 2018 11:AM to 12:30

Loss of Child Meditations    

 Tibetan Tones sound therapy for grieving parents and siblings.

Sonic Wellness Institute

351 Larkfield Rd.

E. Northport, NY 11731

917 748 6600

Sonic Wellness is now holding support session for the Cope FoundationPlease wear loos fit clothing.  No fee. Please email in advance if you would like to come. This session is only for parents, grand parents and siblings of a child they have lost.  

11am to 12:30 90 minute session of sound meditation ,

 relaxing and rejuvenating.  Alleviates insomnia and anxiety.  

A very unique space perfect for families to unwind and experience the soothing effects of Tibetan Tones therapy.

There is no fee for this session.

Please bring your water and wear socks .
The class will be led by Elaine Mackle, Director of Sonic Wellness Institute.

We will have breathing exercises, a Sonic Wave Journey session and a brief introduction to the world of vibrational sound therapy, methods for initiating deep relaxation for peace and harmony. All ages will be able to participate.  917 748 6600 for questions.

grieving sound therapy singing bowls