4 Tibetan tones singing bowls - free ship $289.00

 Finesetquality bronze bell metal singing bowls by TIBETAN TONES®️. 

Hand hammered to perfection. OUR HIGHEST GRADE.  Each bowl a sonic master piece. 

AREA: Upper auric field in sound therapy.  
Recommended for: everyone who loves to rim sing.

FREE INSTRUCTION VIDEO . with chants. from the Sonic Wellness International tour. Played during Savasana end of yoga class to induce theta wave state meditation.  

Singing Bowl Measurements (Approx):   discounted/.     reg price

4" up to  6" set of 4 singing bowls. Pure bronze bell metal. 

Excellent quality hand hammered  singing bowls tuned to play together.  

Safe for children, no lead or mercury content. Hand made of pure bronze bell metal alloys. 

Yoga classes, meditation, children's sound gatherings. 

includes 4 different sticks. wood, suede, felt, 

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