Family Harmonics - Post Covid - The Next Wave Generation

Sound Therapy for Family - Harmonics - Zazen Living 

"Enlightenment is the experience of total acceptance, the Big Embrace" Sunjin B. 

The transition of Core Vibration within family.

The Next Wave Era is now upon us. All old ways have vanished, opening us up to the next level of consciousness. Understanding ourselves by design through vibration is the new intelligence.  

Unique series of seeing our lives, family and homes through the lens of frequency.

Harmonics of Scent and Sound. 

Core Vibration dictates the state of our well being. Harmonic rehabilitation is vital to the transition into the  Next Wave.   Reconnecting to the rhythms of life.

The New  Family Vibe  
Series 1 covers: For a group of Mothers or a family

 Practical hands on experience of authentic Tibetan Tones Therapy

  • How vibration works on body - mind - spirit
  • The bowls - metal - shapes - effects -application
  • Nada - listening - receiving - transmitting
  • Dream state - Meditation 

The Tibetan Tones Family Vibe  Series 2 covers:  Tailored to each POD or Family. 

  • Family rhythms -
  • Understanding our children as the new wave in consciousness
  • How entrainment works on body, brain and spirit 
  • Creating the Core family practice
  • Peace in my belly exercise.
  • Tai Tone yoga
  • The family mandala 

    This course is a very unique opportunity to focus on our harmonizing the family energetics and raising the vibration as a whole.

    Being asleep breeds dysfunctional families.

    A powerful program for all generations.

    Zazen Living-  Home - The Container Series for Mother


    Every structure is a form of it's own. An energetic  blueprint 

    The choice of colors, fibers, furnishings, plants set a TONE- a VIBE .

    The acoustic field - how vibrations reverberate throughout each room and are absorbed. 

    Tai -Tone Series for Moms.  Beyond the color, declutter, prosperity corner and the mirrors, it is the sound vibrations and scent surrounding and running through out  our house that contains the body mind spirit well being of the family.

    What Container would you like to create. The level of sensitivity and practices of the Mother is what protects and nourishes the entire family. 🙏🏻


    Zen Long Island


    SCHEDULE for your POD/ Family 

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Email for info & registration form, 

    917 748 6600

    On Line Videos/ Face Time (private class for each family)

    In person training available in Glenwood, NY or your facility

    $250 for family ( average 5 persons) 90 min. first time can be 2 hours

    (plus 15 min.set up time)(pack up.


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