September 11, 2021 2 min read

TheTibetan Tones®️ name is specific to the highest quality in bronze bell metal singing bowls, hand hammered for producing  low octave waves lasting for longer periods of time  than other Himailayian or Tibetan bowls. The Tibetan Tones®️bowls produces the stronger longer  vibratory qualities which insures more in depth treatment as the waves run deeper through the body tissue, organs and bone. Each bow is some 30 hours from start to finish with every attention to perfection and detail all along the way.  The sets are arranged according to how the bowls perform with one another, changing the outcome of the combined octaves. The bowls will be felt longer than typically heard. The bowls are also prepared for use according to a particular order of treatment known as the Tibetan Tones Core Module Series. A specific  modality geared towards clearing meridians, stagnant blood and areas of scar tissue. Also activating cellular regeneration, the vagus nerve and production of nitric oxide. 

The Tibetan Tones®️ brand is a mark of excellence in singing bowls. Please see our free video about how the bowls are made. 

The Tibetan Tones®️Core Module Series  focus is according to Chinese  meridian theory and ACU POINTS.  Trained therapist use a 3 to 9 bowl system to achieve optimal results. Clients are also offered to join the Sonic Wellness Institute meditation series to practice and incorporate into their home life. 


Benefits of Tibetan Tones®️ Therapy

  • Calms the nerves
  • Alleviates anxiety and pain
  • enhances creativity
  • raises the spirit
  • clears energetic blockages 
  • induces theta wave state meditation
Results of Tibetan Tone Core Module Series - advanced sound therapy 
  • balances high blood pressure
  • clears sinus 
  • dissolves energetic blockages
  • alleviates insomnia
  • lifts depression
  • improves blood flow to the brain
  • alleviates neuropathy in feet
  • alleviates painful menses 

 Write to us to hear about your Harmonic Rehabilitation programs . Professional psychotherapists and LAc are offered a special rate program.