Tibetan Tones®️ Recovery Protocols

Opiate addiction sound therapy

The Tibetan Tones Recovery protocol is available for in-house training at rehabilitation facilities. We train Rehab staff at our location on Long Island or our teachers come spend time at rehab centers to train and initiate long-lasting programs.  

Students will be able to maintain a daily practice together and develop new rituals to retain in their daily life when they go home. Students are taught about the nervous system, the brain-gut connection and also have the opportunity to become Tibetan Tones therapists themselves. 

Classes are taught in series: Please contact us for our full program brochure and information.


Introduction to effects of sound and music on the brain and emotions.

History of sound as therapy: various types of uses for sound in therapeutic settings and daily life.

Power of meditation. Zen meditation in formal setting as daily ritual. Students will be taught meditation skills to remain with them through out their lives.

The keys to sounds to induce meditative states.

Self Toning - the elements of chanting and exercises to raise vagal tone

The nervous system and addiction- Knowledge is an important factor in addiction recovery. This section covers all about the nervous system. Parasympathetic, sympathetic and vagus nerve. Various cranial nerves.

Breath and tone: using breath to balance blood pressure and heart variability.


• Stress reduction and deep relaxation
• Healthy sleep and regeneration support
• Stimulate self healing process in the body (medications reduction)
• Mental Clarity
• Enhances focus
• Energy regeneration and development
• Supports in the process of release of problems, old patterns, blockages
• Enhances memory and concentration
• Maintain harmonious professional relationships
• Overall wellness of their mind, body & soul.


Please contact us for our full program brochure and information.  Each program is tailored to the facility and clients.



For information write to Tibetantonesaddiction therapy at sonic wellness institute@gmail.com

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