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The Container of Compassion (CoCo) Program for Recovery

Tibetan Tones®️ Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program 


At Sonic Wellness Institute we have found in working with addicts there is a craving for a more monastic environment. Peace and serenity with a scheduled routine is what they crave in doing the deep soul searching it takes to find the strength in recovery.

The Container of Compassion Program utilizing sensory frequency  therapies such as Auricular, Tibetan Tones, Drums of the Heart, Essential Oils , Zen meditation, and chanting, all compliment  a typical 12 step recovery program in recognizing addiction and recovery as a spiritual condition. In fact the 12 step meetings become enhanced and a more productive open process because of the COCO move obstacles and bring clarity of heart and mine.

This program raises the vibration and mood of the entire facility. All programs are designed for clients to maintain at home after leaving the rehabilitation center.

The power of opioid drugs and alcohol to hijack one's Soul is a very real and heartbreaking life for   whole families.  The way back, after detox, is a haunting, painful and lonely road. More than ever, the rate of relapse is higher than ever. Rehabilitation centers are seeking the value of new holistic spiritual forms of energy programs to offer their clients.  Sonic Wellness is the only  school in the US that develop trainings for drug rehabilitation, autism and Lyme disease.

Effects of drug and alcohol use and why the Tibetan Tones program is so effective.

Whole life force is weighed down by the residual energetics of the drugs and alcohol. The liver is stagnant clouded  and toxic. Seratonin, Dopamine and other neurotransmitter levels are at an all time low. Anxiety is  overwhelming and the sleep deprivation weakens  the immune system in a debilitating way. The Spirit is punctured, leaving the recovering addict super hyper-sensitive state. 

The Tibetan Tones vibrations roll over the body as soothing velvet wave tones  relaxing the largest organ, the skin which operates as a grid which is wired to each organ.


In our studies we have used the Heart Quest system to tell what areas are weak and needs more improvement for possible supplementation and other specific focus.

heart quest for addiction

The process of being in a Tibetan Tones®️ Core module treatment calms the spirit. The subtle vibrations help to move the stagnant Qi and blood. Breathing becomes more even and the heart rate is more consistent.  Vagal Tone is restored. Chakras are balanced,The endocrine  system becomes more harmonized and the Spirit arrises.

A sense of wholeness occurs when your system is unobstructed and in flow. The life of sobriety is no longer just a notion. It is a real achievable desired goal. The depression and weight of the dark cloud is lifted, and the reconnection with THAT SELF spurs one on to . 

Sonic Wellness Institute trains both in house staff or supplies with outside certified trained therapists. Students are educated in anatomy and brain gut connections, the nervous system and  the effects of Tibetan Tones Zazen Meditation, Tai Tones movement class and Core Module.

RECOVERY TOOL BOX - The Sonic Wellness approach is in giving addicts a take home package of recovery tools to help them in maintaining their sobriety after leaving the facility. Everything we train the staff in can be integrated into the clients daily life at home.


opiate addiction 

Treating the nervous system with the Tibetan Tones CORE Module has become a most powerful tool used in Lyme disease, Parkinson's, Addiction Detoxification and all types of endocrine system therapies.

Before and after thermography after 15 minute Tibetan Tones Reiki type session shows the flow of Oxygen coming back to the client.  This is proven results of moving qi and blood to otherwise stagnant areas.  The power of the muti-harmonic long sustaining vibrations awakens the whole spirit of the client. This is a  daily routine one can practice on them self or a partner that is Spiritually and mentally stimulating while elevating Qi.


Tibetan Tones® CORE Module Session is done by trained therapist using the TIBETAN TONES®️ professional spa grade therapeutic bell metal singing bowls designed with longer sustaining vibrational capacity and multilevel harmonics. This form of therapy effects the nervous system, cardio and digestive system by releasing obstruction of blood flow to all injured and deficient areas. Blood vessels dilate and the blood cells begin to move freely. With this, the blood is now able to reach the thinnest spider veins and capillaries all in the brain which otherwise have been starved of blood and oxygen . The joints become lubricated, lymph is no longer obstructed, the water flow is balanced and homeostasis is restored. 


Vibrations from the the feet travel up the spine to the brain. 
Rhythmic vibratory waves stimulate blood and qi.



A group style meditation lying down. Multiple instruments are used to produce the deep relaxing experience of meditation.  Participants drop into a theta brain wave dream like state.  The Sound waves and rhythms alter cellular functions through energetic effects; Vibrations and multi harmonic tones entrains biological systems to a balanced state, calms the mind and restores the body. Emotional effects influence neurotransmitter and neuropeptide activity raising the immune system. 



Tai Tones movement -Tai Tu QI

A type of Qi Gong practice builds up the adrenals and nervous system. When in recovery the endocrine function and over all strength is very low slow and weak. Tai Tu Qi is a gentle yet fortifying movement technique which is practiced daily for retraining muscles and neurological pathways that help restore brain, adrenal and gastro function. 


 Zen Meditation- A formal discipline based on  the Rinzai Zen practice of  Zazen includes sitting, walking, and chanting in as a ritual in a ceremonial fashion. This format has given the students something they will practice alone on a daily basis. Meditation raises serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitter functions providing the individual with an overall sense of strength and well being. 




Tibetan Tones®️Sonic Auricular Therapy - The use of ear seeds during group or private session. seeds are applied to the auricular meridian points for Shen Men, Liver, Kidney, Heart. This protocol is proven since the 1960's ,done with acupuncture needles, at Lincoln hospital in the Bronx.  We have found the seeds to be more practical advantageous because they stay taped to the ears and patient can press to activate their various points. When applied in Sonic Wave or private Tibetan Tone sessions the points are also activated through vibration. Extremely helpful for addicts experiencing challenging effects of detoxifying.  Includes workshop/ educational material for clients. Another take home method for addicts to take home in their recovery tool box.


Aromatherapy- Trainings in the use of specific essential oils for the detoxification process has become an invaluable tool used in modern therapies for detoxification and recovery.Essential oils effect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system Staff is trained in the use of oils for detox and rehabilitation. Our program utilizes 3 blends and 3 singular herbs to select from for various sessions. 



Drums of the Heart - One of our most successful programs. Our teachers train your staff in facilitating drum workshops. IClients are taught how to build their own 10' TO 18' frame drum. How to play it and if they want to paint it.  This is a form of art therapy as well as sound.  Clients take home their drum as a tool to practice with and a reminder of their commitment to sobriety. 


Sonic Wellness Institute Relapse Prevention Out Patient Program. Rehabilitation centers are able to offer all of our programs as out patient sessions. Sonic Wellness has certified practitioners all over the US specifically for working privately with clients in recovery. Your long distance clients are given a special contact the to Sonic Wellness Institute for referral to a practitioner in their area.


• Stress reduction and deep relaxation
• Healthy sleep and regeneration support
• Stimulate self healing process in the body (medications reduction)
• Mental Clarity
• Enhances focus
• Energy regeneration and development
• Supports in the process of release of problems, old patterns, blockages
• Enhances memory and concentration
• Maintain harmonious professional relationships
• Overall wellness of their mind, body & soul.

For more information about having Sonic Wellness Institute create programs in your facility or  if you are interested in joining a group. contact    917 748 6600