Research and Results

Vibrational Sound Healing Tibetan Tones singing bowls and gongs

Sound Vibration TherapyTibetan Tones Transformations. If you want to see someone smile and take their mind off their troubles, hand them a Tibetan Tones singing bowl. It is a hypnotic experience as they tap it with the magic wand. The sound of multiharmonic rich tones goes on and on and on and on.................and still on. As the waves of vibrations flow deep into the diaphragm you will see th client drawing in long slow deep breaths. This is where the healing happens on a level we can not reach in talk therapy or even the most sophisticated  manual manipulations or even breath work.  The tonic tones along with the physical savings going into the body induces this hypnotic state of...

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Sonic Wholeness

Sound therapy is with us all throughout out our lives. You can't take a stroll down memory lane without the background of the music of the times weaving through out our emotional data   Each chapter and moment in our lives is encased in the cellular memory of a song or a tune.  Sound, song, musical notes all strung together through the creative expression of people with this amazing ability to

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