Tibetan Tones WORKSHOPS Jan- Feb 2020

Sound Meditation Workshops  

Jan. 11,12 18,19/ Feb.15, 16, 17

Choose your day and any of the 3 modules. 

We are moving into a Sound Spectrum Existence. Reverberations is LIFE.

Learn Zen & Tibetan meditation as  initiated by Tibetan Tones singing bowls and gongs.

2020 is escorting us toward one with COSMIC SOUND CONSCIOUSNESS .

Sonic Wellness Institute is offering one day workshops for you to cultivate your own Vibrational fields in home and organizations. 

A meditation Course through sound.

sound yoga           Tibetan Tones Meditation 

Practice at home, studios , for HEALTH AND WELLNESS Practitioners. School teachers. You are invited to start one module at a time  and receive more personal attention. 

These workshops are prerequisite for entering the HARMONIC AWAKENING  Retreats Starting Spring 2020 to 2023.  

These workshops are basically to supply you with the finest quality instruments and teach you how to use them at what ever level you are at in your experience with Vibrational sound tools and your inner awareness as meditation. 

Prerequisite : .  No musical experience necessary, only a desire to create deep meditation for your class. 

Sequence: in any order

Module I -General intro all about Tibetan Tones singing bowls and other  instruments.  You will receive our famous pre-tuned high pitch cups. 1.Day $499 includes 5 Yogi bowl Set


Module II - ZEN TEA CERIMONY Self Toning - Producing ,Bee breath Intro to Shruti, Leading chanting sessions. Teach your students the rituals of self toning. Breath sound as they apply to various organs. Chanting. One Day. Includes CHIMES, Tingshas, CHANT BOOK .  Zen bowl 3.5” and Zen ZAFU meditation cushion. 



 Module III

One day training $1200 includes ( deposit $450)

20”gong/ stand/3 Deep Restorative bowls. 

Gong playing for groups . How to lead a DEEP HARMONIC  Restorative MEDITATION  SESSION. 

Learn how to play your instruments to induce deep relaxation dream stated for your students. 

The key to Restorative yoga is the quality of the resting state. 

(Larger gongs available according price. Discounts on accessories )( hundreds of extra bowls to choose from. )


module IV - Giant bowl - LOWE DENSITY VIBRATIONAL THERAPY. One giant Tibetan Tones bowl can be an entire therapeutic session. 

Choose your bowls from 17” to 24”

starting at $1100  ( deposit fee is $500)

The giant bowl has become the new friend of all baby boomers. a highly therapeutic instrument made of the finest bell metals with extra Vibrational capacity to stimulate the flow of Qi and blood. Induced deep memorable meditations and dreams.

 DATE choices. Make your schedule . Multiple classes are happening each day. Small groups for attention. Each day is an intensive. Come 2 or 3 days together or pick just one or Two.

JAN. 11.12. 18, 19, 20, 11am to 4 pm

Feb. 15, 16, 17   11am to 4 pm

Weekday scheduling is available. Contact us

tibetantones@gmail.com  or 917 748 6600


 Studio owners :  Bring Tibetan Tones®️ Meditation to you studio. Angelheart Dreamer beds available wholesale.  Tibetan Tones®️ is the largest supplier of Giant bowls in the US. Wholesale prices for Tibetan Tones Affiliate studio programs available.

call 917 748 6600 to learn more about the long range mentorship program 


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