Tibetan Tones Cancer / Chronic Illness Vibrational Sound Training Oct 13- 14th at CATA - NYC deposit $499

Tibetan singing bowl sound therapyvibrational sound training

An authentic vibrational sound therapy certification training.  Giving you a practical session to perform on your clients. Your opportunity to experience the Tibetan Tones®️ vibrational sound  techniques now being used by physical therapists, psychotherapists, Reiki masters, teachers and by families at home as a  daily ritual.  The finest in Tibetan singing bowls made of the pure grade bell metals are used in this training.  Join us for 2 days on a magic carpet ride to the core of your own existence. This course is about transformation, a complete re- sculpting of your  vibrational tone.  Learning to bring another into a state of deep relaxation. Follow us  into the world of    multi harmonic vibrational sound wave therapies using Tibetan Tones systems

“There is only one kind of silence yet millions of types of noises.  What is it you are hearing? Who is it you are being as you play your bowls?  Why do you want to become a sound therapist?” 

 Step into the world of this powerfully consistent form of  inducing deep relaxing and restorative theta brain state with vibrational Tibetan sound wave therapy.  

Tibetan Tones therapy is one of the most transformative therapies used for oncology and chronic illness patients. Drug detox and rehabilitation.

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  About this course at CATA - geared toward professionals in wellness fields. We recommend this course to anyone in professional medical practice for themselves first and their patients second. Before signing up please email or call.  

Prerequisite: none . The course is for anyone with a desire to learn the Tibetan Tones® sound and meditation systems. 

Who is this class for?  PT, LMT, LAc, Psychotherapists. teachers, all types medical professionals. Anyone who wants to spend 2 days in sound therapy for themselves and learn how to  perform the Tibetan Tones method. Baby boomers over 50 absolutely love this experience. Parents of special needs children. Anyone with previous sound healing trainings, this class brings it all together. Cancer survivors,/ Oncology nurses. family therapists.

 Objective: To educate and inspire in the process of using Tibetan Tones®multi harmonic, long sustaining vibrational singing bowls to initiate feelings of safety and security in a state of deep relaxation. To initiate the energy of radiating outward from the heart of each student. For each student to leave being fully equipped and trained to perform the Tibetan Tones Core Sound Massage. 

 Bowls: The Tibetan Tones® singing bowls are made specifically for long sustaining deep multi-harmonic vibrations. Made of purest bell metals in a  hand hammered process. This 5 bowl set used in training exactly what is used for performing treatments.

Giant bowls and Yogi Solar Cups available at discounts.

 Platform:  can be done on a massage table or the floor. In an office treatment room, yoga studio or home. or there is a chair series also.

Time: The CATA class is being structured to condense and extra 2 days of teachings into this 2 day class. There is 2 days of home study in order to dedicate whole class time to being in the experience. 

BENIFITS: The Tibetan Tones Core treatments results :alleviated symptom of IBS, Chrones, anxiety, neuropathy and depression , sinus , insomnia, headaches among other conditions. We are having wonderful results now with A-Fib. and all aging conditions with our methods of harmonizing circulating of qi and blood.    The bowls  convey feeling of safety, security and trust with their patients.  Holistic dentistry uses The Tibetan Tones bowls as a method of relaxation. 


Elaine Mackle, Director of the Sonic Wellness Institute at  the Shaolin Temple in Northport, Long Island. A school of transformation through Vibrational Sound meditations. Elaine created Tibetan Tone®️ Sound therapy training  programs to  bring the power of multi harmonics and long sustaining vibrational waves to treat Shen disturbance ( Heart Mind  disturbance) depression and  chronic illness.  Her Tibetan Tones Therapies are now being used by LAc, LMT, Nurses,PT, psychotherapists and teachers for special ed. Her Conscious Corporate model as a path to awakening is taught in her corporate wellness programs. 

Tammy Kohlschmidt,  RDH, CCT, CBP Thermography for Health of NY - Tibetan Tones NYC.     In combining Thermal imaging and Periodontal therapy Tammy has made connections between the mouth and the body  that addresses the Oral Systemic Link. Tammy is also a Certified  Body Talk Practioner and Master Tibetan Tone Therapist and Teacher. .  Located at 120 E 56the St. in NYC. 

Aggie Kushner - Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gong Resonance Therapist, Tibetan Tones Therapist 

 Sequence:  Advanced series and Mastery program. Tibetan Tones in various Health Professions. Addiction program/ Family trainings program. Corporate Wellness Practitioner program.

vibrational Sound  certification

Dr Mitch Gaynor

Dr. Mitch Gaynor was the first physician to bring Tibetan Tones therapy to his patients. His mysterious untimely death in 2015 was a great loss to the world of Oncology. This program is about carrying on his legacy in bringing Sound therapy to medicine. 


  • The Tibetan Tones Core Therapy Course / Cancer - Chronic Illness 
  • The work of the late Dr. Mitch Gaynor
  • Working with long term illness people
  • The sacred container 
  • All contraindications,
  • Intake, follow-ups, safety, and hygiene.
  • Differentiate between mallets and styles of initiation
  • Table set up, bedding 
  • Toning, Intro to the Heart
  • Attention to vibrational waves up and down body / around face
  •   On the table; Prone and Supine positions, application of bowls on body
  •   The physiological effects of vibrational tones on the human body.
  • Materials for professional set up, proper bedding, contraindications, safety, and hygiene. Intake and interview procedures.
  • How Tibetan Tones bowls are made, our history.
  • Different styles of bowls and functions
  •  About vibration and sound energy
  • All physical effects to organs , nervous system, mind ,heart
  • Various positions and techniques for applying bowls.
  • Benefits of deep relaxation and theta brain wave state.
  • Benefits of low density vibrational sound therapy
  • The Nada as absolute reality.
  • The light of meditation is ever new
  • The Heart Chakra
  • Drug addiction and Tibetan Tones Therapy a new approach
  • Power point, Videos.  
  • Independent study:  Practice for approximately 3 months as they keep a log of all the sessions. Logging into the school blog spot. This is a dialogue between us all. 20 treatment sessions are to be sent to Sonic Wellness Institute on the private Page.


Review  from:  Lynn Shauwecker, Spa Director, MENLA Resort ( Tibetan House US

"We feel very fortunate to have our whole LMT spa staff trained by Elaine in her Tibetan Tones methods. The clients results are each one better than the last.  We are giving a unique treatment beyond their expectations. We love having  Tibetan Tones  at Menla Resort  and every time Elaine comes, it is a magical time for us all. I highly recommend the Tibetan Tones programs for any spa or professional practice. Lynn Shauwecker,   Director, MENLA Spa   Tibetan House US Auctions Director





vibrational sound training

    Tibetan Tones 5 Bowl professional set:

    LG. Deep Resonator        $525.00

    Size: 11.5” x 4.5” Weight: 2080 gr.

    For lower lumbar and abdominal area on body massage. Used for grounding and moving stagnant energy. Soothing vibrant deep vibrant tones sustain longer and blend with multi harmonics of other bowls.

    WORKER BOWL.  $235.00 Med. Deep Resonator     

    Size 8.5”x 3.5” Weight: 980gr.

    Workerl bowl used for all areas of the body. The extra thin design and shape of this bowl is the signature feature of the TibetanTones Deep Resonators. When placed on limbs, hand,  lower spine or abdomen of smaller body, this bowl is extremely effective in moving qi and stagnation. Extraordinary long vibrations.

     Upper Body HEART Bowl           $340.00

    Size: 8.8” x 3.5” Weight: 1350

    This Upper Body HEART is heavier by design with thicker rim. The vibrant swirling harmonics with deep tones has very soothing effect on the Thoracic area of the back and on the heart mind connection.  A very unique bowl.

     Sm.Palm Bowl                           $ 99.00

    Size 6.5 x 3.2” Weight: 650 gr.

    Palm bowl is excellent for it’s higher harmonics and fits in every palm perfectly to get all the stagnant qi and blood moving in  the carpals of the hands during sound massage.

    AWAKENER ZEN BOWL 3.5" unique Zendo temple bowl. $59.


     Tibetan Tones®Core Module Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification 

     A 2 day class 9:30 to 5:00PM ( 45 min lunch)

    Home study hours 20 Students will turn in 20 hours of treatment reviews to Sonic Wellness for Review.



    Single bowl package $799. ( $699 for Early bird sign by 9/29   Includes the $235 TT926 WORKER BOWL)

    includes  color full course books , journal /home correspondence time. Adittional Yoga of Sound book.  Sound Healing by Dr Gaynor

    Vibrational sound



    Package #2 $1722    (1599. Early bird w/$499 deposit by Sept 29)

    - 2 days of class, 5 Bowl Pro Set

    Includes Tibetan Tones® Spa Grade Pro Worker Bowl the

     TT 926($235), Worker

    TT1350 ($340), Shen Heart

    TT2100($525), Deep Resonator

    TT 600 ($99) Palm

     4”        ($59)Awakener Bow

     Total  $1258 includes all mallets and bags

    Course $464 includes  color full course books , journal /home correspondence time. Adittional Yoga of Sound book. 

    Total. $1722.  Early Bird  Price $1599 /Reserve with only $499. Deposit by 9/29/18


    available at Class

    buddhas feet singing bowlsHand made Buddha feet bowls plain and Buddhas feet

    20 -21"  15.kg $2299

    21" 10kg $1899 bowl

     24" $2599. no etching  

    many more sizes and styles. 




    additional 5 YOGI Solar CUPS 4" to 7" Tibetan Tone Brain Tuner Sets available at class

    yogi bowls


    • Sonic Wellness Institute is dedicated to bringing Tibetan Tones Sound therapies to the world in health professions, schools and as a home family practice. Come join us, become a Tibetan Tones Sound Practioner. 



    112 w 26 St NYC

    917 748 6600 

    Oct. 13/14 

    9:30 am to 5pm

    deposit $499 reserves your spot 5 Pro bowls

    pay $1100 balance by 10/12/18


    single bowl package $799

    pay $699 by 9/29/18 




    tibetan tones oncology series from Tibetan Tones on Vimeo.





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