Singing bowl by Tibetan Tones Deep Resonator Medium

Deep Resonator medl all purpose bowl used on limbs, hands, feet, children and sound ceremonies, clearings and concerts. Made with higher grade metal mixture for professional therapeutic use in sound clinic. Sound Vibration therapists use our TT900 bowl in all of their singing bowl treatments. The TibetanTones 900 gr Pro bowl is made by hammering longer and extra firing to creat the exact thin walls needed to make this bowl extremely powerful vibrating for aleviating stagnation in particular areas of the body. It is light in weight base is designed so you can place the bowl in the hard to get to areas. The diameter is about 8.5 to 9" and just under 1000 gr .


21-22cm x 8 cm 

weight 950 gr

Includes felt beater, leather striker, felt ring, cotton bag

Used in sound vibration massage practice and many times practioners will add an extra on to their healing set..

Also utilized in the yoga studio for concert playing and in Zen Sutra halls as a Zen singing bowl. Kundalini yogi studios use this bowl also and in Ayurvedic toning sessions.  This is the best singing bowl for its shape and size because of its metal content being uniquely combined for therapy grade. In Nepal and Himalayan Shaman circle this size bowl was used . It would also be very useful in a hypnotherapist office or other type psychotherapy or self help for anxiety and insomnia by creating relaxed state.

Free shipping with cotton string bag and beater, leather stick and felt ring.

This bowl is part of the 5 bowl pro set. To save money buy as a set.

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