Tree works chimes Tree 28”

Tre28 Studio Chime 28”
A compact version of the Tre44.

TreeWorks Chimes - StudioTree™ - Medium 28 thin bar single row for acoustic low volume settings and recording - Hand-tied w/ braided CordLoc to last (NO PLASTIC TIES) - Polished & T-6 Tempered bars for brilliant tone - Thin 1/4-inch solid Aluminum/Titanium alloy - Hand-finished Tennessee Black Walnut Mantle - Handmade in Nashville, Tenn., U. S. A.

In studio settings or for acoustic performances you're looking for a less aggressive sound and clear resonance. TreeWorks' Studio Chimes utilize the same T-6 tempered, custom aluminum/ titanium alloy bars now in thinner, .25" diameter.

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