Baby Boomers Sonic Wave Journey Sessions

Sound therapy, sound meditation, Singing Bowl Sound therapy for couples and families. Deep relaxation with Tai Tone movement series. A wonderful uplifting time for everyone. Proect your immune system. Raise your protective Qi and creative mind.

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 Tai Tone®️rhythmic movement with  sitting or laying down style type of sound meditation / attention to breath and self toning which includes formal tea.

A combination of Zen tradition with Tibetan Tones therapeutics designed for people over 50. 

This is an ancient style of meditation which brings the practitioner to the magical realms of the inner acoustic field by practicing formal rituals. Giant singing bowls are used for low density vibrational experience. Special attention is to bringing ease and comfort while wrapped in the velvet tones. All futons are covered in linen. Black Linen Zen robes

COVID SCHEDULE Book your 90 minute session. Time slots begin at 10AM to 8PM are available for going. Text or call 917 748 6600

Fee is $25per person. 10 sessions for $225  (can be used by couples / expires in 30 days)

A special class particularly geared  to help restore neurological function, alleviate stress, raise immune and balance brain function. Giant bowls are used for low density vibrational therapy.

Review: "AMAZING, TRANSFORMATIVE!" "There is no other place like this. It is the perfect way for my wife and I to start our day" E. Murphy, NY

" I am so grateful for being able to come to a place where I am completely relaxed."  " The day I met Sandi I fell in love with myself. It was like an instant self realization, as if my Spirit came back to me." B. J. Chang, NY 

" I really loved the elegant  tea ceremony, the elegant movements, chanting, just everything about this session make me feel like I am in flow". Thank you, Elaine  S. Elliot, NY

" I couldn't pin point what was feeling so different after leaving this session. I realized later that day it was how solid I felt in my FEET. The other thing is I sleep much better now. "

Tibetan Tones  New Location opening soon. Please send email for being notified for the membership program. Space will be limited.

Wear comfy loose fit clothing and socks. Bring your water bottle.

On line series availed now. Email to register to take classes at your own convenience.


or text 917 748 6600 if interested



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