Sound Yoga Family Intro Class - ages 7 to 18 Sept 29 & 30th $40 per day


Vibrational Sound Therapy - Tibetan Tones Family Training: ages 7 to 18 FREE w/ parent

Elaine Mackle 



Paiste Gongs




Tibetan Buddhism


Saturday 1pm  to  3 pm    

  Sunday   1pm  to 3 pm


  $40 parent. Kids ages 7 to 18 free   





LOCATION - Tibetan Tones  Sonic Wellness Center - 351 Larkfield RD- E. Northport, NY


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THE TIBETANS TONES®️ CORE Family MODULE  Vibrational Sound Session

Tibetan Tones  Sonic Wellness has a unique training system devoted to the transformation of Core  Vibration.  

 Objective: To educate and inspire in the process of using Tibetan Tones sessions as family time . 


Using vibrational sound therapy on and around children. 

Self Toning: The experience of using  vocal chords is the most powerful way of toning the vagus nerve and entire parasympathetic nervous system as well as clearing an over thinking mind.


The value of family rituals in bringing self confidence.  

 Tibetan Tones Sound Yoga activity brings feelings of safety and security to all.

SOUND:  The magic of sound waves. The transformative powers of sound.

Bowls: Over 300 different type 

Gong: All  experience  various Paiste and Nepali gongs available.

Drums: As used in meditation rituals.

 Meditation/ chants - learn the simple esoteric chants and prayers that all ages enjoy.

Family style: this new class is a focus the Family Vibe. Weather you are a professional therapist or parent, this work is about transformation from the core. The FAMILY.




  • All about children and family inherited conditions. Miasms, pain, nervousness
  •  The physiological effects of vibrational tones on the human body
  •  About vibration and sound energy and working with children as a family in developing rituals.
  • Tibetan Tones therapy for family.
  • Create core family practice
  • GONG SESSIONS/ Sonic Wave Journey
  • Chanting 
  • Performing the core family practice for when they go home as a daily rit

This course is a very unique opportunity to focus on our connection to the younger generation and create a common prayer in sound  for us to exist in greater harmony and understanding.

Students are expected to do all additional practice and reading material at home.  

  2 DAY TRAINING IN E. Northport, NY at Sonic Wellness Institute



Saturday 1 pm to 3 pm

Sunday 1 pm to 3 pm

 Please pick your day below



LOCATION:  351 Larkfield Rd.   E. Northport, NY 11731. 917 748 6600

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