Tibetan Tones Sound Training /Long Island,NY March April

Tibetan Tones®️Therapeutics - The most comprehensive vibrational Sound training offered today, illuminating  the laws of creation as vibration and reintroduce  harmonic rehabilitation as a way to transform the world on in its new cycle of REVERBERATIONS.

Benefits of Training: 

 Recalibrate CIRCADIAN rhythms,

By instilling better sleep cycles.

Improve digestion, alleviate pain,

raise spirits out of depression.

Regulate blood pressure,

enhance creativity.

Deepen your practice as a Spiritual Teacher

TRANSFORMATIVE RESULTS used in conjunction of all professional therapies.

New rituals for daily life establishes balance and harmony. An amazing vehicle to share love and inspiration. 


Sonic Wellness Institute : The Bridge crossing over the stream connecting old world traditions into NewAge existence. Teaches us how the laws of creation; vibrations, are vital to the modern daily lives of all humans trying to live a harmonious existence.

As we find ourselves inundated and overwhelmed by EMF,  Vibrational Acoustic Sound Therapy is an ANTIDOTE, a re harmonizing of the nervous system.                 

 Located 1. in the Shaolin Buddhist Temple, in E. Northport, NY. Sonic Wellness  programs are deeply rooted in the Wisdom of the Sufi and the Stillness of Zen.  Sonic Wellness Institute is the first studio built and dedicated to the future of Sound Meditation, Vibrational Sound Therapy and Drumming.

Location 2 , Glenwood Landing , NY  - Sunday Trainings and weekday apprentice program . 71 Grove St, In the Glenwood Life Community Center

Our mission is to introduce and train Everyone from existing body workers and psychotherapists in the integration of Tibetan Tones®️ Long sustaining therapy grade Singing bowls to their practice. We believe deepest relaxation through inducing altered states is vital to the healing process of everyone. 

There is a growing popularity for Tibetan Tones®️Therapy for every family to obtain harmonious healthy life. The key is the practice of sound rituals in our daily. Highly recommend for families.

Ages: The group is from 21 yr old. Separate class available for young people and families  

6 Day Certifications $1350 ( early bird $950)

Mar.  1, 2,9,16,23 Sundays at 10AM to 4 PM

APR. 5, 12, 19, 26 Sundays 10AM to 4 PM

MONDAY &THURSDAY apprentice ($20) Noon to 1 PM


Deposit by Feb.17, 2020

$500 reserves space. Pay balance by March 1, 2020


April 4, 18,  25,deposit by March 5, 2020

$500 reserves space. Pay balance by April 2, 2020

Space  is limited. 12 students / no cash refunds. Credit only

 Inquire for consecutive weekdays or private groups

Accommodations for out of town students to take all 6 days together. Very flexible schedule during March and April.

You can combine March with April  weekends if you have to. This is a major commitment. A vow to the transformation of yourself and families. 


Elaine Mackle, Director, Sonic Wellness Institute, leading pioneer in development of sound meditation programs brings a unique variety of Sound meditation to institutions, rehabilitation centers, High schools , grammar schools, acupuncture & massage clinics, chiropractors and mental health practices . Her Container of Compassion program has helped numerous grieving families on Long Island.




Sonic Wellness Institute   351 Larkfield Rd,  E. Northport, NY 11735

10AM to 4 PM  




 THE TIBETANS TONES®️ CORE MODULE Vibrational Sound Session

Prerequisite: none. The course starts with basic level ONE INTENSIVE for anyone with a desire to learn the Tibetan Tones® sound meditation systems. By completion of 6 days each one will be able to perform for a group and give a Core Module Treatment.

Each class is an INTENSIVE. Dress very comfortable. There will be homework projects between weekends.

 Week days available by request. Families welcome.

Objective: To educate and inspire in the process of using Tibetan Tones®multi harmonic, long sustaining vibrational singing bowl. Each student will be able to perform a 30 to 90 minute  Tibetan Tone CORE SOUND therapy session and give a Concert for groups. 

 Bowls: The Tibetan Tones® singing bowls are made specifically for long sustaining deep multi-harmonic vibrations. Made of purest bell metals in a  hand hammered process. In our Fair Trade facility in India and Nepal. Students choose their own bowls from wide selection of pro therapy and studio concert playing styles.

 Setting:  can be done on a massage table or the floor. In an office treatment room, yoga studio or home. 

The Concert series Training for playing in yoga studios is part of the 6 days training. 

Students are taught how to use the voice, chanting, breath work, and movement to promote joy, an inner calm as the vagus nerve is activated. Daily tools for self harmonizing.

The Tibetan Tones Core Series 
This is a practical class with all partner and group exercises. All reading and study is done at home . Prior to and after class. For experiential and more internal focus our attention is on breath, listening, toning and initiation.

DAY 1 & 2

  • All contraindications, health conditions 
  • Intake, follow-ups, safety, and hygiene.
  • On the table; Prone and Supine positions, application of bowls on body
  • The physiological effects of vibrational tones on the human body.
  • Materials for professional set up, proper bedding, contraindications, safety, and hygiene. Intake and interview procedures.
  • The ancient process of hand sculpting bronze bell metal bowls.
  • Different styles of bowls and functions
  •  About vibration and sound energy
  • What is entrainment 
  •  Chanting for self TONE will be every day.
  •   Partner work. 
Day 3 & 4
  • Blood and Qi
  • Chronic Disease and Tibetan Tones Therapy
  • Vagal Tone and Sonic waves
  • Endocrine system and chakras
  • Auras and Qi
  • Acu meridian theory 
  • Low Density Vibrational Therapy 
DAY 5 & 6
  • Intake- review-chronic condit
  • Creating a series 
  • Home practice for client
  • GONGS and Bowl concert drills 
  •  CREATING your Sonic Wave Journeys 
  • Sonic Auricular Therapy
  • Integrative sessions for physicians
  • psychological benefits 
  • Charts 


  • Independent study: Full instruction book and reading  materials for study .Practice of daily meditations and chants.  Students are required to send in 15 practice treatments on friends and family for review after the 6 day classes but will be practicing at home between classes also. Sharing results is the strongest part of spreading our work together.         
    “To give the gift of sonic embrace is powerful enough to neutralize lifetimes of traumas. If every family practiced the Tibetan Tones meditations together the transformation happens for the whole.”  Elan


        5 special mallets included


       TIBETAN TONES®️Therapy set

      The Med. Deep Resonator  9” 980 gr ( worker bowl) used for all areas of the body. The extra thin design and shape of this bowl is the signature feature of the TibetanTones Deep Resonators. When placed on limbs, hand,  lower spine or abdomen of smaller body, this bowl is extremely effective in moving qi and stagnation. Extraordinary long vibrations.

      The large deep resonator 11.5” 2000gr is same design for belly, back, lower torso , penetrates deep to the intestines, spleen, liver, solar plexus and root. The Heart SHEN

      The Heart Shen 9” 1350gr. bowl is unique design that pulls the tones deep into the chest and upper body activates all acu zones running along the shoulders. This Heart Shen bowl gives off a mystical effect for the heart mind connection.


      2 Soft Beater: Specially designed long handled white soft beater is uniquely designed to be playing this set of bowls.   

      2 Suede beater sticks: Special design to avoid clanging and to create a softer contact with the bowl.  

       2 Tibetan tones long handle soft/ fire mallets 

      Bags, rings, included

      Bowl Prices Therapy Set 4 pc.   

      Large Deep Resonator:  $525.00

      Med.  Deep Resonator:    235.00

      Heart  bowl.      :                345.00        

      Awakener Bowl:                   55.00    


      Total:                                  1160.00

      Whole set discount             - 195.00

       TOTAL                             $  965.00

      Hundreds of different bowls at the school are also discounted for all students. If you rather put together a  CONCERT Set instead of the Therapy set . 

      Large variety of gongs/ Chimes etc for your choice.


      Yogi cups 5 bowl set- 3” to 6.5” $379.


      Pre pay for 4 bowl therapy set  ($965.00) save $195.

      Training fee 6 days   ($ 950) save $200. Deposit $500 /bal.$450

      Pre-Pay in full for training To receive $100 Palm Bowl Free

      Prepay for 5 Yogi cups  $349. ( save $30)

      Inquire for week days . 

      A course designed for each individuals personal and professional needs. All reading study is done at home.

      917 748 6600 for info  No  cash refunds. Credit only


      Vibrational sound training

       RESERVE A GIANT BOWL. Choose at class

      All giants will range from $1050 to $2450

      17.5” to 22” reserve with deposit in advance . 

      GONG AVAILABLE FOR SALE FROM $299 to $3200.