Formal Zen Meditation 7pm to 8:30pm NORTHPORT MONDAYS

 Tibetan Buddhist Meditation in Sonic WellnessZen meditation with E. MackleMake your summertime commitment to once a week Monday night meditation.  Learn the formal style of Zen meditation with E. Mackle.

For 15 years, Elaine was a student of the late Joshu Sasaki Roshi and she has finally decided to offer formal classes. 

Elaine will be teaching formal Zen style meditation and will hold a Sonic Wave Journey first to bring students into a state of emptiness so the mind can have an experience of total non-attachment. This is a whole new approach to Zazen and will bring people to that space that all zen students sit for years to attain.   

This is the time for us to find a spiritual practice we can stop and do more than once a day. Instilling rituals in our lives is so vital. Without this type of discipline, our lives become flat and confusing. The greatest gift I was ever given was to be introduced to formal Zen practice.  I truly believe it saved my sanity and completely changed how I view life to this day.  Although this practice is for everyone, it is not for everyone.  This is a practice about reverence and devotion. There is no singing or dancing or extreme sports poses.  You will find yourself going through a 10 minute period that will seem like a year waiting for that bell to ring.  With the use of Sonic Wave Journey, I believe we can recalibrate our systems so this meditation will come in a more familiar way and the body will be free of the usual obstructions.

You do not have to take all 10 nights. But you do have to commit in advance. It will be in E. Northport at the Tibetan Tones studio.

351 Larkfield Rd.

Students will learn:

  • Breath and Mind
  • The ability to vanish from the prison of your own mind
  • Heart Sutra
  • Zendo Etiquette
  • Properties of the bow
  • A new understanding being the watcher
  • Tools to maintain for a lifetime of daily practice.

Spots and robes must be reserved in advance. Wear loose fit clothing.

Robes will be given out.  Chant books & Tea. 


Students must register on line for this course:

4-week course $50 per week  $180 a month  Robe $250


custom size available on request.


917 748 6600 for registering.







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