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Feng shui is The visuals effects of your home on your brain , mood and level of productivity.

5 Main Feng Shui Rules:




Formal Zen style meditation by design brings clarity to the mind, muscle to the brain, vitality to immune system and a new found sense of compassion to the heart.

2020 has brought all employers, employees, teachers and students and families into  a new norm .

We woke up our sleepy resourceful minds and did what we had to do to keep food in the house and everyone entertained. Thank you INSTACART and every other delivery service . Most of us will never physically go to the supermarket again.  Some things really have shifted.

Home Depot managed to keep everyone supplied for all the upgrades and repairs we finally got around to.

 The stress of travel, traffic, what to wear, pack your bags will now be eliminated at least 2 days a week or even more.

Using just 20 to 90 minutes a day toward a  meditative Taoist type practice  is the way forward into this next wave generation.

The days of heavy exercise is over. Although people do this to keep their weight down, they also have to eat more to fuel the exercise.  What we all know know is that weight gain and loss is about tricking the brain or actually restoring good brain function.   us all to completely recalibrate our health and well being.

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation in Sonic Wellness

In Muslim countries people stop 5 times a day to pray. NO MATTER WHERE OR WHAT. The Zazen Living is a commitment to, no matter where or what,  5 times a day  to focus on our breath. Times can be scanned to begin later,

5:00am meditation, chant and tea / cardamom coffee to 5:45am

6:00 am to 6:30 am Movement  + 15 min meditation.

6:30 - 7:30 eat, shower or 6:45 to 7:30shower /breakfast 

8:00 work

Noon - 12:15 chant, bows

12:15 - 1:00 PM lunch

5:00 Pm - 5:45 Qi Gong

6:00 PM - 7:00 Pm dinner


8:30; - 9:00PM Meditation/ evening treat/tea

10PM lights out

2 meditation , chant plus 2 movement / mid day bow

Talk, conscious commerce once a week.   10 employee    $200 /4 weeks

daily check in clearing may not be necessary


This is the time for us to find a spiritual practice we can stop and do more than once a day. Instilling rituals in our lives is so vital.

We all are deficient in sleep, nutrition, strong immune systems.

we must re calibrate our circadian rhythms. 

commit to 30% less on line/cell phone time.

stick to the schedule. 

Fill your container. - no more leaky battery or half charged.

The greatest gift I was ever given was to be introduced to formal Zen practice.  I truly believe it saved my sanity and completely changed how I view life to this day.  Although this practice is for everyone, it is not for everyone.  This is a practice about reverence and devotion.

There is no singing or dancing or extreme sports poses.  

You will find yourself going through a 10 minute period that will seem like a year waiting for that bell to ring.  With the use of Sonic Wave Journey, I believe we can recalibrate our systems so this meditation will come in a more familiar way and the body will be free of the usual obstructions.

 all this is on line. We will set 2 times a week for actual physical meet at either of these locations.

351 Larkfield Rd. E. Northport 

 Grove st , Glenwood Landing

Students will learn:

  • Breath and Mind
  • The ability to vanish from the prison of your own mind
  • Heart Sutra - Lotus Sutra 
  • Zendo Etiquette
  • Properties of the bow
  • A new understanding being the watcher
  • Tools to maintain for a lifetime of daily practice.

Spots and robes must be reserved in advance. Wear loose fit clothing.

Robes will be given out.  Chant books & Tea. 


Students must register on line for this course:

Monthly fee: $300 single ( corporate fee $200 

Robe $250


custom size available on request.


Text 917 748 6600 to register







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