Zazen Living - daily formal Zen Meditation.

 Tibetan Buddhist Meditation in Sonic WellnessZen meditation with E. MackleMake your new norm a commitment to daily meditation.  Learn the formal style of Zen meditation. 

A life without discipline is flat and confusing.

Formal Zen style meditation by design brings clarity to the mind, muscle to the brain, vitality to immune system and a new found sense of compassion to the heart.

2020 has brought all employers, employees, teachers and students a new norm of how we reserve and preserve our time and resources.  The stress of travel, traffic, what to wear, pack your bags will now be eliminated at least 2 days a week or even more. Using just 20 to 90 minutes a day toward meditation is the way back for us all to completely recalibrate our health and well being.

In Muslim countries people stop 5 times a day to pray. NO MATTER WHERE OR WHAT. The Zazen Living is a commitment to, no matter where or what,  5 times a day  to focus on our breath. Times can be scanned to begin later,

5:00am meditation, chant and tea / cardamom coffee to 5:45am

6:00 am to 6:30 am Movement  + 15 min meditation.

6:30 - 7:30 eat, shower or 6:45 to 7:30shower /breakfast 

8:00 work

Noon - 12:15 chant, bows

12:15 - 1:00 PM lunch

5:00 Pm - 5:45 Qi Gong

6:00 PM - 7:00 Pm dinner


8:30; - 9:00PM Meditation/ evening treat/tea

10PM lights out

2 meditation , chant plus 2 movement / mid day bow

Talk, conscious commerce once a week.   10 employee    $200 /4 weeks

daily check in clearing may not be necessary


This is the time for us to find a spiritual practice we can stop and do more than once a day. Instilling rituals in our lives is so vital.

We all are deficient in sleep, nutrition, strong immune systems.

we must re calibrate our circadian rhythms. 

commit to 30% less on line/cell phone time.

stick to the schedule. 

Fill your container. - no more leaky battery or half charged.

The greatest gift I was ever given was to be introduced to formal Zen practice.  I truly believe it saved my sanity and completely changed how I view life to this day.  Although this practice is for everyone, it is not for everyone.  This is a practice about reverence and devotion.

There is no singing or dancing or extreme sports poses.  

You will find yourself going through a 10 minute period that will seem like a year waiting for that bell to ring.  With the use of Sonic Wave Journey, I believe we can recalibrate our systems so this meditation will come in a more familiar way and the body will be free of the usual obstructions.

 all this is on line. We will set 2 times a week for actual physical meet at either of these locations.

351 Larkfield Rd. E. Northport 

 Grove st , Glenwood Landing

Students will learn:

  • Breath and Mind
  • The ability to vanish from the prison of your own mind
  • Heart Sutra - Lotus Sutra 
  • Zendo Etiquette
  • Properties of the bow
  • A new understanding being the watcher
  • Tools to maintain for a lifetime of daily practice.

Spots and robes must be reserved in advance. Wear loose fit clothing.

Robes will be given out.  Chant books & Tea. 


Students must register on line for this course:

Monthly fee: $300 single ( corporate fee $200 

Robe $250


custom size available on request.


Text 917 748 6600 to register







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