Meine Symphonic 40" Tam Tam G1 to G#1

The Meinl 40" Gong is tuned to G1 to G#1

"Handcrafted in Germany. Special effect sound with a complex blend of highs and lows in a wide range. Massive and enormous with a menacing, swelling sound characteristic. Tuned in a defined frequency range for consistent sound."

Style: Orchestra, Rock
Timbre: Mid-Bright
Character: Complex, Experimental, Earthy, Esoteric, Full-bodied, Musical, Sensitive, Warm, Powerful
Pitch: High-Mid
Volume: Medium
Sustain: Medium
Finish: Traditional
Material: B20
Lathe: Narrow Blade

Does not include mallet, bag or stand.

We have all sizes and types available according to your gong.

We specialize in setting up Yoga studios so whole packages get made up around the consultation for each studio to 

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