Koshi Chimes

Aqua Water element

Aria Air element

Iqris Fire element

Terra Earth element

Koshi Chimes have four melodic tunings inspired by the elements: Terra, Aqua, Aria, and Ignis. When sounding together the chimes roll in rich, harmonious overtones reminiscent of the elements’ coexistence in the sublunary sphere.

A high quality and original creation, the Koshi Chime is an authentic musical instrument...played by the wind. (But yes, you can certainly use your hand to get out the magnificent tones inside as well.)

Handcrafted with precision at the foot of the Pyrenees, Koshi Chimes are designed with eight notes. The notes are metal pieces welded into a plate at the base of the resonating tube. The tube itself is made of thin layers of bamboo veneer treated with natural oils. The veneer is stronger than natural bamboo and makes for a much sturdier chime, without losing the acoustic qualities bamboo is famous for.

In the individual chime the shorter notes’ overtones gradually begin to dominate the sound, eventually becoming fundamentals of sound thus forming a circular tone range. Kabir, the inventor of the original Shanti Chime, with twenty years of sound experience and a great passion for musical sound, chose to improve his previous chime creations in inventing a new tuning technique, thus producing a complex sound with deep, enriched harmonics and full overtones.

Koshi Chimes can be used for all kinds of sound events and placed in so many locations. (Maybe not interstellar emptiness, where one ends up questioning the design of the physical universe, as you note the light years between crystal charging stations, but pretty much everywhere else.)

Cheer Up and Chime Up, Citizens of Earth. It's going to be fun when the Intergalactic Freeway comes through this Solar System!

Chime Measurements:
Length of Chime: 6 1/2"
Total Length of Item: 14"
Diameter of Chime: 2 1/2"

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