Intro to Tibetan Tone Sound Therapy/ Massapequa

Intro to Tibetan Tones singing bowls and sound therapy for professional and families. 

  • 623 BROADWAY , Massapequa, NY 11758

March 21, 2020 2:30 to 4:00

Elaine Mackle, Director of Sonic Wellness Institute will be holding a special class on  the effects of Tibetan Tones singing bowls .

An opportunity to learn about the different qualities of various singing bowls and how they effect the body mind and spirit. Why is sound therapy suddenly so popular. What is the real value of meditation. 

The SONIC WELLNESS Training  programs  are used in addiction rehabilitation, cancer recovery, for Autistic children and all types of chronic illness. Used as a new integrative therapy for psychotherapists, PT, Choreographer and Acupuncturists.

 Adriana Milonas, one of our yoga instructors here at EMERGE YOGA AND WELLNESS will be assisting.  A Sonic Wave Journey meditation guaranteed to : 

Calm the mind

Relax the body

Awaken the Spirit

Attention to listening

Develop  new rhythms

Enhance creativity

Wear comfy clothing, bring your water and eye pillow.

$40. The week of March 21

$35 early bird

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