Hospice Bereavement Container of Compassion Workshop.

A special course for Hospice workers and LCSW in the use of Tibetan Tones Singing bowls for grieving families and patients in hospice. 

This is a private group.

“By bringing someone in touch with their own inner acoustic field, they come to a very deep personal connection within them selves. This is a re-harmonizing of the shattered self.  No one can be rushed out of their grief or into creating a better life. Our job is to walk along beside them, offering a container of love and compassion, have some tea, listen to their stories as they find the courage and build the strength to accept and go on with their lives."

"We introduce them to a Tibetan Tones sound spectrum of multi harmonic waves. We leave them be, to experience the vibrations as a portal to their own way home ,to reconnect with Source. Their pain never leaves them; it transforms into an impenetrable Stillness.  This is Mastery in it's highest form. These families are our teachers."  E. Mackle


This is a class for Hospice workers, Bereavement counselors or anyone who has lost a love one who would like to explore this loving modality in a safe caring environment. 

 Admission Plans:

Plan A -  $450 includes $150 singing bowl.


Plan B -  $450 for class plus 20% discount off any set of bowls. 



SONIC WELLNESS 351 Larkfield Rd. E. Northport, NY 11731



Must be approved .  Call 917 748 6600

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